NEW Photoshoot and Interview with Sam Heughan from Esquire   11 comments

Here is a NEW Photoshoot and Interview with Sam Heughan from Esquire

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Sam Heughan has super fans. They’re not casual admirers; they don’t just ask for autographs and snap selfies. They’re on the popstar level—not just fans but fanatics. They camp out on the sidewalk overnight; they dedicate their free time to making hyperactive social media fan pages; they hyperventilate at the mere sight of the guy. Justin Bieber might understand.

The actor has the incredible success of his show, Outlander, to thank for his fame. The time-traveling drama has crafted a unique cult following and reawakened the lust for romanticized love in modern television. (And if you think it’s not for you, you should probably reconsider.) As Jamie Fraser, the fiercely loyal husband to costar Caitriona Balfe’s Claire Fraser, he’s not only a principle mover of the plot, but a lightning rod for audience obsession.

Of course, bedroom eyes and tortured love aren’t the only defining features of Outlander. It’s also set in Scotland, where Heughan was born and bred. The setting is the perfect background for the show, and the style influence that comes through on screen is one that tracks through to Heughan’s personal life as well. We talked him about the success of the show, his Scottish upbringing, and his own style evolution.

On his personal style

My personal style is a mix of of practicality, functionality, but also classic and high-quality fabrics as well. I’m a big fan of Scottish tweed and herringbone—a lot of my kilts are herringbone. Tartan as well. I think I look for something quality and something that’s maybe handcrafted. It feels good, it’s comfortable, and also the quality of the texture—it feels good, it’s comforting. A lot of the detailing in the jackets [Heughan has a capsule collection with iconic UK outerwear brand Barbour], there’s Scottish tartan or tweed on the cuffs. It’s about fine details and practicality. It’s about layering, about being cozy, and about being stylish as well.

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11 responses to “NEW Photoshoot and Interview with Sam Heughan from Esquire

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  1. Sam you always look comfortable in your clothes. I love the styles you wear. They are alot the same as my husband wears. Give him comfort and he is happy and content.

  2. I have never in all my years (there have been many) been so, what is the word, obsessed, with a film star. Perhaps it is because of his so many talents; how he relates to his fans thru Outlander, Barbour, MPC, Scottish background, etc. Outlander has introduced me to Sam Heughan and so many actresses and actors that I may otherwise never known.

  3. Congratulations Sam on this interview & great photos. Your acting as Jamie has revealed your talent to us in Outlander world. Your face, inner emotions & body language have cemented you in our hearts as Jamie, for all of us who love DG ‘s books.Your compassion for humanity, expressed through Bloodwise & MPC is admirable. Your work with Barbour is fun & the clothes are awesome (having some in my wardrobe). Keep Jamie alive for us !

    Stephanie Purcell
  4. Sam congratulations for be such good actor on our days. Your performance as James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser is amazing one.
    Wish you the best. 🙂

  5. A great interview by Sam. Love the photos. Sam looks fantastic in all his clothing choices – he is faithful to Scotland in that he chooses local fabrics. He is an amazing Ambassador for Scotland – the best. His portrayal of Jamie is second to none- he has so many talents, loves his fans and his generosity in his marathons for Bloodwise and his support for MPC shows that he is not only a brilliant actor but a wonderful humanitarian as well. Keep smiling Sam – you have won our hearts over and over. Thank you for giving us Jamie.

  6. You always look great no matter what you were. You are a fantastic actor and you and Cait are my favorite. I hope that Outlander will continue for all of Diana’s Outlander books. Thank you for always sharing with us.

    • Love your comment. Thank you for sharing with us all. Sam and Caitriona are brilliant in their roles. An award winning show in every aspect.

  7. This beautiful man looks like about 14 yrs old with his new haircut and hairstyle. The recent mature Jamie is still the most handsome man on TV.

  8. never before have I gotten crazy and obsessed as I have for Outlander with such incredible actors, Sam, and Cait bringing us all the romance and adventure of a lifetime. I love Diana’s books, and I am crazy about the Outlander Series. I am a widow and am lonely, but you both have filled my days with excitement, adventure and most of all love. Please keep up the excellent work! You both are loved as much as your characters . Liz B. a grateful American widow.

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