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Here is a NEW Interview with Toni Graphia from Mashable

From Mashable:

Now we know why Jamie was so hesitant to tell Claire his other big secret. 

Okay, if you’ve read Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager, you’ve known about — and likely been waiting for — this moment since the season began, as Claire finally came face to face with Jamie’s second wife (and her longtime nemesis) Laoghaire, the woman who was so jealous of Claire’s relationship with Jamie that she plotted to have her burned at the stake as a witch back in Season 1. 

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And, judging by Laoghaire’s actions in episode 8, middle age hasn’t made her more reasonable — she ends up shooting Jamie in a jealous rage, which gives us another great opportunity to see Claire in surgeon mode, but also uses up her precious penicillin. 

So, yeah, of all the women Jenny could’ve emotionally blackmailed Jamie into marrying, we probably would’ve voted for Mary McNab. 

One of the biggest changes from Gabaldon’s book came from Jamie deciding to tell Claire about his son, Willie, at the same time Claire told him about their daughter, Brianna, in episode 6 — something that happened much later in Voyager — but simultaneously choosing to withhold the truth about his marriage with Laoghaire, something he’s struggled with ever since.

Executive producer Toni Graphia gave us some insight into how the writers chose to approach Jamie’s big revelations: “In the book there are several secrets, and they come out at various times in various ways,” she explained, noting that, with the show having limited real estate to space out each big bombshell, it would’ve become hard to justify why Jamie was keeping so many things from Claire and dropping them one after another over the course of weeks or months, instead of right away.


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  1. Great interview. I find it fascinating when the plot and direction of a story line is discussed. It gives a better understanding of the TV Story. Thank you for helping us taking through the unfolding direction and creativity of producing such an amazing story and for sharing it with us. When we really get down to it – imagine reuniting with someone after 20 years. It would take quite a while to discover all that has been done and lived through. Jamie lived through imprisonment, isolation and trying to get back into the living world. Claire devoted her years to loving and raising Brianna, and also spent those years with Frank who she did not love, their fights were heart breaking. Though, I felt so sorry for Claire to travel through the stones again only to find herself not welcomed back at Lallybroch by Jenny and to find that Jamie had married Laoghaire. OUCH!

  2. One of the things I admire about DG books and writing technique is the little bits she drops now and then to connect the past story to the present. One example that was yet again left out of the series is the way Mary McNab lingers at Jamie’s side when serving the meal with Ned that of course reminds us that she bedded Jamie in the cave before he went to prison. Yet another secret in Jamie’s past. The actor choice for Young Ian is one of the best character choices so far. When reading the book I pictured a young Orlando Bloom but enjoy this choice more. Before watching this season I had an older Jamie pictured as sometimes Vin Diesel and the sex scenes as Gerard Butler. I couldn’t visualize Jamie ageing but he is very convincing and glad to have his refrence when rereading now. Hoping Murtaugh will reappear when they settle on Frasier Ridge when some of the prisoners Jamie was with that were sent to the Colinies come to settle on the mountain with J and C and Bree and Ian. That would be a delightful change from book. I so enjoy watching every episode over and over every day on Starz.

    • Hello Pamela: I agree with your comments above. Mary McNab doesn’t reappear in the scheme of things. Like yourself – I am looking forward to seeing Murtagh again. I, too, watch every episode over and over. Would love to know when the DVD and Blu-Ray and Special Edition come to the stores. I’ll be first in line to buy my copy.

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