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Here is a NEW Interview with John Bell from PopSugar

From PopSugar:

Lost in all the kerfuffle over Jamie’s “First Wife” and angry second wife in the latest Outlanderepisode is the fact that young Ian is turning into a man before our very eyes. He’s been off doing very grown-up things with his uncle in Edinburgh and is now quite put out to be back at his family farm, Lallybroch.

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In a phone call from the set of Outlander season four, actor John Bell told me that “wee Ian” is desperate to grow up and continue having adventures, so returning to Lallybroch is hard on him.

“[Ian’s] two driving forces are, as you say, Ian’s own thirst for adventure and his desire to be like his uncle and to make his uncle proud,” Bell said, adding that the youngest of Jenny and Ian’s seven children has a special sort of hero complex for his Uncle Jamie because Jamie swooped into Ian’s life at a very formative time. If you’ll recall, Ian was actually born during the years Jamie lived in the cave near Lallybroch. Soon after Ian’s birth, Jamie turned himself in to the Redcoats and then spent years at Ardsmuir Prison and later Helwater estate. So Ian didn’t truly meet his Uncle Jamie until he was nearly a teenager.

“I think because young Ian didn’t grow up with Jamie, but kind of met him when he was about 12, he’s always had that really looking-up, puppy-eyed, ‘I want to be like you!’ [thing],” Bell said. “And Jamie has always been the one to be like, ‘Yeah, I ain’t your dad. I’m your fun uncle and I’m gonna let you get away with anything you want. You can go and smuggle and we’ll just keep it between us, OK?'”


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  1. I think Outlander made another excellent casting choice in picking John Bell to play wee Ian. He has just the right amount of teen angst at the moment, but I think he’ll really be able to continue to play Ian well as he grows up. BTW, I love hearing him call Claire “Auntie!”

  2. Loved the interview. Yes – young Ian is growing up fast! He’ll need to. He is going to be a great help to his Uncle Jamie and Auntie Claire later on. He is also very perceptive and knowing in his relationship with Jamie and Claire – he is the best nephew anyone could wish for.

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