NEW BTS Pics from Outlander 3×08 “First Wife”   3 comments

Here are some NEW BTS Pics from Outlander 3×08 “First Wife”

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3 responses to “NEW BTS Pics from Outlander 3×08 “First Wife”

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  1. I think can award has been earn ede here too.

  2. Thank you for sharing the BTS photos above. Such a feast! Love the props and setups.

  3. Jamie does angry so well. Was looking so forward to Leoraie walking in on J and C having morning back together sex but the writers changed it up. Also wished she would have aged as book described her. Plump and not as attractive. A good comback from Clair when Jamie yelled ” you told me to be nice to her” instead of her reply “I said to thank her not marry her” should have been “I said to thank her not we’d and bed her”.when she committed on the little red headed girl she should have thrown in how she reminded her of Breanna plus the book said Leoraies husbands fought at Culdaden so Joan should be much older? Jenny is as hateable as ever. Never liked her character in book either. The actress who plays her plays stuck up crone very well.Wish Leoraie would have gotten in much more trouble. Also wanted to see Jamie get both sides of his face clawed leaving the red scratches as book described. Hoping the writers give Claire and Jamie their beautiful romance back soon.

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