NEW Trailer for Outlander 3×09 “The Doldrums”   4 comments

Here is a NEW Trailer for Outlander 3×09 “The Doldrums”

4 responses to “NEW Trailer for Outlander 3×09 “The Doldrums”

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  1. I absolutely loved Episode 8 and can hardly wait till Episode 9 – so much adventure. Season 3 can keep going on and on – love every minute. Thank you for sharing the Trailer above.

  2. Do you have the extended trailer that came out on Sunday, which covers the rest of the season?
    It shows what happened to ian, which wasn’t covered in the book.

  3. Loving Season 3 every minute. I am disappointed that Outlander did not win anything at the BAFTA Awards night on Nov. 6, 2017. This Series deserved some acknowledgement. Episode 9 “The Doldrums” will be fascinating – can hardly wait. Jamie and Claire are in their comfort zone now – unknown future and lots of excitement.

  4. I love the series look forward to it. so exciting.

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