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Here is a NEW Interview with Matt Roberts from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

It was both an awesome — and sad — sight at the end of Sunday’s episode of Outlander: Claire and Jamie standing on beach, watching how smugglers have stolen off with their sweet Young Ian

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And all it took was a simple flying camera!

“We did that with a drone and hovered it in front of them,” executive producer Matthew B. Roberts tells EW. “And then we pulled it back as fast it could as it went out to sea.”

The shot was meant to establish the growing distance between the couple (played by Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan) and Ian (John Bell), who was kidnapped while trying to retrieve Jamie’s hidden treasure that’s needed to pay off Laoghaire. Ian is taken by a band of smugglers to the Bruja, a mighty ship that whisks the teen away to parts unknown. And while the three-masted ship looked impressive in the scene, it’s actually a computer-generated image courtesy of visual effects supervisor Richard Briscoe (Iron Man 2, Batman Begins).


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  1. Beautifully done. When the pirate ship comes around the corner of that island – oh my! – made the heart pound. Excitement is on the way. I loved the way the shot was made showing the distance growing between the ocean and the shore. Thank you for sharing.

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