NEW Pics of Cast of Outlander   4 comments

Here are some NEW Pics of the Cast of Outlander at Various Places

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4 responses to “NEW Pics of Cast of Outlander

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  1. I need a 12 step program for my Outlander obsession! !!! 😂😨👄💓

    • Can I join you. I have never before enjoyed a TV series as I have this one. It is so refreshingly different and absorbing. I love every minute of Outlander.

  2. This would be heaven to win. The closest to Scotland i get. But in my mind n soul i live there. Today in the Northern parts of Sweden.

    Suzanne Martinsson
  3. Great photos. Always to see pictures of Sam and Caitriona. She looks so sunny and happy in the photo at top. A very beautiful lady. Sam is so handsome, love his smile as always.

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