NEW BTS Still of Caitriona Balfe from Outlander 3×07 “Creme de Menthe”   8 comments

Here is a NEW BTS Still of Caitriona Balfe from Outlander 3×07 “Creme de Menthe”


8 responses to “NEW BTS Still of Caitriona Balfe from Outlander 3×07 “Creme de Menthe”

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  1. So is the other woman, Caitriona’s medical tutor? 🙂

    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel
  2. A lovely photo of Caitriona as Claire. What a brilliant actress. She has won a lot of respect and regard from us all. Absolutely fascinating to watch her acting talents. Seems like she is always easy to work with.

  3. It is so hard not to get emotional after each eposide this year.ep7 seemed to really stir things up. All week after watching ep7 every time it replays I have found myself wit a lot of disfavor for Jamie. Showing no affection for Clair and yet there are those suttle looks between he and Madame Jeannea as well as the touching and the ease that Jeannea walks into Jamie’s room. Not fond of her nasty looks at Clair either. Jamie seems to be milking this situation for all its worth. The 20 years between them have soured Jamie and the truth he and Claire swore always to have between them no longer means what it him. Not a fan of him this season so far.I even find myself tearing up this week knowing what betrayal Claire will be served this week by the man she gave everything up for and her arch enemy from the past not to mention her back stabbing sister in law. I have never liked Jenneys character. Wish J and C would at least share a hug or kiss now and again and maybe tell each other “I love you”. That glorious spark between J and C doesn’t seem to exist this season so far. I am dreading Clairs heart ache and huge dissapointment this Sunday but looking forward to Jamies dirty deeds catching up to him on all fronts.hope the series doesn’t stry too far from the storyline in book that was so well done. Not fond of all the things left out or changed all together between book and series. I admire Catriona and Sam’s acting and commitment to characters. Just hate seeing Claire not appreciated for everything she has sacrificed to be with the man she has always loved. The first season still shines brightest. I’ll continue to reread that book and watch those episodes. Why has no mention or attention of Jamie’s bad hand been left out this season?

    • NOBODY is the same person after a 20 YEAR separation. Experiences and situations can change the outlook on life for a person.The fact that they can’t connect or experience anything with each other; they have to adapt. The person that they look to for everything: love, support (emotional and physical), advice, help, a shoulder to cry on and depend on is GONE. Within the blink of an eye. Your’re not gonna be the same person. And from the previous episodes, that’s exactly what happens. A little bit of them dies because they aren’t whole without the other person. Claire in a way is a bit rigid because she wasn’t able to be her full self while with Frank. Jamie, as well. HE WANTED TO DIE. HE TRIED TO DIE. Having that determination to not want to live but you have to, is unimaginable unless you’ve been in that situation. It took 7 years and for Fergus to get his hand cut off to get Jamie to realize that even though Claire isn’t there anymore, there is still something or someone to live for. Jamie NEVER even thought about telling Claire about Willie because he thought never would have to. He never thought he was gonna see her again. Jamie and Claire still love each other, but they are not the same people. He’s trying his best to hold everything together. Seeing pics of Bri and hearing about what Claire had been doing is ALOT OF INFORMATION. They have lived SEPARATE lives for 20 years and have been through different situations that have shaped who they are right now in the show. They only had 3 years together. and then different world and centuries for 20. It’s a natural human reaction to be a little closed off to someone who you haven’t seen in a long time.Some things do come naturally but other things can be awkward. It is gonna take some time for both to get used to the idea of both of them being in there lives again. And Madame Jeanne? Not necessary to worry about. Seriously. There’s bigger fish to fry. The SPARK between Jamie and Claire IS there. It just had to be buried for 20 years for them to be able to live apart. And it will take time for it to come out again. Jamie is absolutely PETRIFIED of losing Claire again. He’s afraid of her leaving his sight again. He knows he has to tell, but he’s not putting off because he’s terrified. AS ANYONE WOULD BE TELLING SOMEONE BIG NEWS THAT THEY NEVER THOUGHT THEY WOULD HAVE TO TELL THAT PERSON. And the “dirty deeds” aren’t dirty. In regards to Willie, Claire is the only person besides John and Geneva’s sister that knows. He CAN’T tell anyone. The things with Jenny, it’s something that is going to be hard to understand, but she does it out of love for Jamie. I can’t say too much about the Jenny issue because that would spoil it if you haven’t read the third book. Don’t give up on the show or the story. They would never let the love and the passion between the two of them go away or die out. But it IS necessary to show how much they have changed. They’ve been through situations of every type before and and they’ll get through this one. And they’ll have plenty more in the future the face together.

  4. I said the same thing. What happened to his injured hand. I thought they filled each other in on their lives together over dinner. Wonder what they said because Jamie looked surprised that Claire knew he was in prison and then some more info. She never told him how lonely she was and I don’t remember her sticking up for Frank or having any argument until lollybroch. They may have been apart for 20 years but they are still the same person. Don’t know why they are changing their characters

  5. Patience everyone! It isn’t all over yet. Jamie has many secrets yet to be brought out – he is afraid of losing Claire again, he needs to trust her more. Remember 20 years apart is 20 years apart. They both seem to be guarded with each other – trying to find that connection they used to have. A lot of loneliness and loss in between.

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