NEW Pic of Diana Gabaldon   5 comments

Here is a NEW Pic of Diana Gabaldon


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  1. You always look great, Diana! I hope you are having a good week!

  2. Great picture!! The books make it even better.

  3. You look great, as always, Diana! Congrats on the 25th Anniversary of Dragon Fly in Amber!

  4. Beautiful picture of a very talented lovely lady. To have such talent -Wow! Love her Outlander books, they have been read and reread. Dragon Fly in Amber was so sad, and yet so powerful. It was such a brilliant book. Because of it – I am fascinated by Scottish history.

  5. You look lovely and so happy. You should be. That practice novel turned out to be the beginning of an unbelievable adventure that has blessed so many people. The TV version is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing Jamie and Clarewith is. Congratulations on another 25th!!!

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