NEW Photoshoot and Interview with Sophie Skelton from Vulkan Magazine   2 comments

Here is a NEW Photoshoot and Interview with Sophie Skelton from Vulkan Magazine

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Sophie Skelton was scouted by an agent at only 15 years old and she quickly began turning heads worldwide when she joined the cast of Outlander as the fiery Brianna. We reached out to Sophie to talk about her character’s development as we enter the new season of Outlander and to probe her for some info on her upcoming zombie-breakout film Day of the Dead: Bloodlineand the incredible World War 2 based true story of Louisa Gold in Another Mother’s Son.

You signed on as Bree in Outlander last season, did you get a warm welcome from the cast?

Absolutely. I had already met Caitriona in my screen test and, straight away, she and I got on so well which was great. She is absolutely as blooming incredible off screen as she is on. She and Sam are little pranksters on set and they gave Richard and I such a warm welcome. As did the whole crew, it’s a really tight-knit family and we were welcomed with open arms. Despite the fact we only rocked up for the final few weeks to film the finale all fresh-faced and eager and they’d had months of relentless mud and rain! They could have chucked us in a mud puddle to give us a proper Outlander initiation but they spared us that!

Had you read the novels by Diana Gabaldon prior to auditioning, and do you have a favourite in the series?

I hadn’t prior to auditioning but as soon as the audition came through I did. There’s a reason they’re international bestsellers and that people still love them so much 20 years on – they’re all so beautifully written but my favourite is definitely ‘Drums of Autumn’ which is the fourth book and the one that we are about to shoot. I read them with Bree in mind so maybe I’m a little biassed! She has such an incredible and heavy story in 4 and really comes into her own but even with Bree aside, the book is a great novel.


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  1. Thank you for posting this. I appreciate the kindness Sophie shows. She shows herself to be a good person to work with too. 🙂 Thank you Sophie for good work!

    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel
  2. Looking forward to seeing Sophie in Drums of Autumn. All the books are my favourites. Drums of Autumn covers a lot and the personalities in the storey really go through some awful hair-raising experiences. Adventure around every corner. A great interview Sophie. Thank you for sharing.

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