NEW Interview with Matt Roberts and Sam Heughan from Entertainment Weekly   3 comments

Here is a NEW Interview with Matt Roberts and Sam Heughan from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

Rest assured, fans: the A. Malcolm sign was saved.

But the rest of the print shop was “almost burned to the ground” while filming the pivotal moment in Sunday’s episode of Outlander. To prepare for the red-hot sequence where Jamie (Sam Heughan) saves his nephew Ian (John Bell) from the blaze, executive producer Matthew B. Roberts tells EW they set fire to a separate print shop erected in the parking lot of their Cumbernauld soundstages in Scotland. (There was also a big house close to Edinburgh off of the Royal Mile that served as the print shop’s practical location, though they could hardly take matches to that).

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“We progressively burned it until it was a raging inferno,” explains Roberts of the parking lot structure. “We did it over two nights. We would get it to a certain stage and then art department would fix it up a bit so we can burn it again the next night. We took it progressively through the stages of the burn until it became roaring, fully engulfed.”

In the meantime, Heughan “got to do some great stunts” in his effort to save young Ian, who passed out because of the smoke.



3 responses to “NEW Interview with Matt Roberts and Sam Heughan from Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Facebook is flagging this post, saying it’s SPAM. Why would they do that?


  2. It’s kind of sad to think of burning that beautiful set, despite knowing it was going to happen. Lit’s of talented work.


    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel
  3. Wow! What an episode. Thoroughly thrilling, and exciting. Sorry to see the print shop go.


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