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Here is a NEW Interview with John Bell from Yahoo Entertainment

From Yahoo:

You’ve heard the phrase, “Like father, like son”? Well, when it comes to Outlander‘s dynamic printing (and smuggling) duo of Jamie Fraser and Ian Fraser Murray, it’s more like, “Like uncle, like nephew.” As the youngest son of Jenny and Ian Murray — Jamie’s beloved sister and brother-in-law — the 16-year-old Ian is still regarded as a child by his parents, hence his affectionate nickname, “Young Ian.”

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But good ol’ Uncle Jamie (Sam Heughan) looks at the boy and sees the man inside yearning to break free. “Jamie knows that Ian is capable of being independent, and he’s loving the fact that he’s giving him this freedom,” the 20-year-old Scottish actor John Bell tells Yahoo Entertainment. “Young Ian’s story is almost young Jamie’s story. He’s also this young boy who grew up on a farm, and has a wide-eyed view of the world. I think Jamie sees a lot of himself in Ian, and Young Ian wants to be Jamie. He looks at him, and thinks, ‘Here’s a guy who has got it all together: he’s got his print shop, but he’s still a badass and doing things like smuggling and other treasonous activities. He’s more like the cool uncle rather than the dad!”

Uncle Jamie is so cool, he doesn’t even get angry when his nephew burns down their place of business: the A. Malcolm print shop where Jamie and Claire had their 20-years-in-the-making reunion. To be fair, Young Ian didn’t light the match that torched the place himself. He’s simply there minding his own business — and by “business” we mean a close encounter with a lovely tavern wench named Brighid (Zoe Barker) — when he hears an intruder rummaging around searching for the contraband liquor that Jamie is smuggling. In the ensuing struggle, said intruder fires a gunshot that shatters alcohol over an open flame, allowing the fire to spread and eventually consume Jamie’s beloved printing press, Bonnie. The perpetrator flees — though not before getting a faceful of acid thrown by Young Ian — while Ian himself is trapped in the blaze after trying to douse the flames.



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  1. John Bell is perfect as Young Ian. Young Ian is certainly getting into a lot of trouble right now – but later on he becomes a great help to Jamie. Tremendous acting here.

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