NEW Still of Jamie and Claire from Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”   10 comments

Here is a NEW Still of Jamie and Claire from Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”


10 responses to “NEW Still of Jamie and Claire from Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”

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  1. I rewatch every episode multiple times, and I am perfectly healthy!!

  2. I have also rewatched the episodes over and over, as well as Seasons 1 and 2. Always see something I didn’t notice the last time. Just can’t get enough of Outlander. Oh, and by the way I am also quite healthy. It is absolutely healthy to rewatch the episodes – we all have such good taste in what we watch.

  3. I think it’s okay, the first time you watch it seems like you’ve seen all the details but when you watch it again you’ll notice you missed something.😬 And we fans are just preoccupying ourselves from the agony of waiting for the next episode. 😅🤦‍♀️ And while I was waiting before for the S3, God knows how many times I’ve watched S1 & S2 I lost my count tbh. Canna blame the fans it’s the best show ever! 😁 Story’s great and actors are brilliant! Each episode are getting excited just sad to think we’re halfway through the S3. Only few more weeks. 😑😢 Sorry but I just love the show si much. Coz of this show you made Scotland popular, and you helped us when it comes to tourism. Love the whole crew, thank you for brining the book into life! Much love from bonnie Scotland. ❤️

    Mariam Clyd McGregor
    • So beautifully put. I agree 100%. A big hug to you in Scotland from us in Canada. I have never seen a show like this one before – it is the best ever. As you say, brilliant acting and directing.

  4. I don’t know if it’s healthy, but it’s verry good and that everything that is good in life or you are not allowed, or you do harm or gain weight. So doctors say!

  5. I believe i may have passed the 2 or 3 x’s!

  6. Have rewatched 306 once each night since original airing and realize I have this huge happy grin on my face each time. That can’t be unhealthy!

    • It is very healthy. A happy grin is a very good sign that you are enjoying it all. A grin is like a smile -always good for you. There is something so magical and powerful about Outlander. Be ready for a lot of excitement ahead in Season 3 – lots of danger and new experiences for Jamie and Claire. Their love for each other is their strength which sees them through a lot.

  7. I visted Scotland before Outlander was on TV and went back this past May for 2 weeks, wish it had been for 2 months, love this country so much! I watch season 1 more often because of the beautiful scenery, I hope many of you fans can someday go there, you won’t be disappointed. And yes I love the show as well.

  8. I love the photo above of Jamie and Claire – did you notice how intently they are looking at each other. It is as if they can’t yet grasp the fact that each other are really real. Gets the heart pounding.

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