NEW Jamie and Claire Clip from Outlander 3×07 “Creme de Menthe”   7 comments

Here is a NEW Jamie and Claire Clip from Outlnader 3×07 “Creme de Menthe”

7 responses to “NEW Jamie and Claire Clip from Outlander 3×07 “Creme de Menthe”

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  1. This is too awesome, the things he says just takes my breath away!

  2. He is quite a man with a heart that loves this woman to the moon and back. ❤️❤️

  3. They are like magic together. The journey ahead of them as they come to terms with rediscovery of each other and their love is very gripping. Jamie is the sweetest man alive and Claire is so beautiful and loving – can’t get any better than that.

  4. It’s all good again seeing them together ..but I don’t think men ‘worked out’ per se, in that period and heaven knows he is as handsome as ever & his acting abilities superb each season but his arms and chest are showing the results of his Peak Challenge to himself and others. Perhaps chopping wood, building log houses etc, whatever & I know Claire alluded to the shape he was in to sort of explain this obvious change. Guess we’ll take him anyway we can get him but he was fine from the start. Will ask again..why does she still wear Frank’s ring ???

  5. This is the kind of feeling I was looking for and didn’t see in A. Malcolm.

  6. When Jamie speaks of his love for Claire it brings tears to my eyes every time. Why doe this happen? I know this is fiction

  7. OK so now i have tears in my eyes yet again!!!

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