NEW BTS Stills from Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”   7 comments

Here are some NEW BTS Stills from Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”

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7 responses to “NEW BTS Stills from Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”

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  1. Love. The sets! Great job!

    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel
  2. Love the new BTS Stills – the sets are so authentic and real – so much work and interior design. Beautifully done.

  3. Feeling so satisfied after watching C and J reunite, every time Starz plays it day and night.a few comments though. Why isJamies mangeled hand not portrayed? Missed a few comments from book I thought key to scene.jamies green ribbon in his hair. Clairs comment on his broken nose after he faints.the conversation about each others life scars, his leg from battle and hers from baby delivery.. wish when he took her in his arms and to bed he would have recreated wedding night and picked her up, long legs wrapped around him and spin around to collapse on bed. Also wish they had had the dialoge where Jamie looks at Clairs hand and askes her to draw Bree for him with their features. The tracing of each others scarred initials on their palms was missed. Madame Jennea was a dissapointment. Too understated for her profession. Fergus and Ian are spot on. Confussed as to the dialogue when J and C are under the sheets early morning and Jamie says he never thought to laugh in a womens bed and Clair says something that turns him away and she says they will sort it out? What was this about, maybe His marriage to Leorie? Looking forward to that catching up to him and the confrontation at Lollybrook.

  4. Yeah … I didn’t get it either with regards to the part under the sheets early morning.

    Danielle Levasseur
  5. I loved Episode 6 – very sweet. Not everything in the book could be put into the show – not possible. I just loved the show as it was. I loved the book “Voyager” – absolutely exciting and dangerous too. I also love the show – beautifully put together.

  6. Really enjoyed this season so far and the reunion was done really well. So much transmitted just with gestures, looks and body-language. Rich sets and incredible acting.

  7. Brilliant acting and direction. Can’t wait till Episode 7 is here. I hope Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe know that all their hard work and amazing talent is loved by all of us. Award winners both of them.

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