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Here is a NEW Interview with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan from Vulture

From Vulture:

The moment has arrived, people. After being separated by decades (or is it centuries?) of time-travel, war, and heartache, sexy soulmates Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser and Jamie “the Dunbonnet” Fraser have finally (finally!) been reunited. Although the two look like they have maybe aged a day, the Scottish lovers are not the same people they once were. Claire has been in a cold marriage for 20 years, raising her and Jamie’s daughter, and Laird Broch Tuarach has been a fugitive, a convict, and a father to a son he had to leave behind. We caught up with the very-well-acquainted stars at San Diego Comic Con to talk about this season’s most anticipated moment.

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Now that your characters have been separated by so much time and space, how are they different from when we left them? 
Caitriona Balfe: Well, when we first pick up with both of them, they’re both under this huge cloud of grief and that wears very heavily on them for the rest of their life. For Claire, she has to try and forge a new life for her daughter, and Frank becomes part of that. But once you’ve lost a huge part of your heart, for Claire, she puts a side of herself to one side, and that shows with her. She’s not fully that passionate fiery person that we’ve known from seasons past. Especially her passion, in terms of a love life, gets shelved, and that has an affect on somebody. So she becomes very work-focused, very focused on her daughter, but some of the joy and the lightness in her life has gone.

Sam Heughan: They have to come to terms with losing a person that they love, and I guess you never really do, but ultimately, over time, they forge their own new lives and have different experiences. And so when they are reunited, it’s probably the point when they are least prepared for it because they have moved on and built a new life. So it’s an exciting point for them to meet each other again.


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  1. Love the interview – very indepth. It is amazing how fans can put too much pressure on what they expect from a show. Outlander from day 1 has been perfect and we are all in for a wildride – with our Jamie and Claire with their adventures. Their love carries them through a lot. They have their arguments and differences of opinion – but their love shines through all the time.

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