NEW HQ Stills from Outlander 3×06 ” A. Malcolm “   6 comments

Here are NEW Stills from OUtlander 3×06 ” A. Malcolm “



6 responses to “NEW HQ Stills from Outlander 3×06 ” A. Malcolm “

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  1. 5 more sleepless nights until we see our favorite couple back togethet again, “sing me a song of a lass that is gone”!!!!

  2. Can’t wait! 😌

  3. Counting every hour and minute till Oct. 22. Have been watching all the episodes in Season 3, over and over – waiting till the 6th episode – the one we all have been waiting for. Maybe it doesn’t follow the book entirely – but that doesn’t matter – Jamie and Claire together are quite a interesting pair. So, hurry up Oct. 22.

  4. Can’t wait for Sunday night when Jamie comes to after his faint lol! I just visited Scotland in September and have a small whisky glass from a place they may vist. They visit this place in the book so who knows😊. I’ve been saving this glass for their reunion so I can have a dram while watching. Enjoy everyone we’ve sure waited a long time for this, and I’m sure it will be worth it.

    • What a good idea! Having a dram of whiskey while watching Episode 6 – a great way to enjoy Outlander! We have waited a long time for this special occasion and I know it will be worth it. Jamie and Claire always give us a good time.

  5. Absolutely yes – every second will be worth it!!!

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