NEW Gif of Jamie Fraser from Outlander 3×06 ” A. Malcolm “   10 comments

Here is a NEW Gif of Jamie Fraser in Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”

10 responses to “NEW Gif of Jamie Fraser from Outlander 3×06 ” A. Malcolm “

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  1. JAMMF is just darling.

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    Get ready of #PrintShop Episode

  3. Bet I can guess who’s brought that smile back onto Jamie’s face! Does it start with a “Cla” and end with “ire?” CLAIRE!
    Hurry Sunday morning 12:01 AM!

  4. Now that’s a smile we all love. He looks so happy. Look at those eyes – makes your heart pound.

  5. How can anyone not love that face?

  6. I cannot wait. It is killing me

  7. As always a beautiful smile!

  8. He has a bit of a tear under his right eye. Very subtle and very sweet.

  9. Totally agree — sweet, sweet smile. 💗 Minutes ticking to Sunday. 😊

  10. Episode 6 is getting closer and closer – can hardly wait. Have recorded all the episodes so far – and rewatch them so I don’t have to watch the commercials. Jamie and Claire together is always thrilling, fascinating and a lot of fun – they are both so strong in character and, you guessed it, stubborn – a perfect match. They both have such beautiful smiles.

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