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Here are some NEW BTS Stills and Interview with Outlnader Cinematographers Alasdair Walker and Stephen McNutt for Season 3

From THE ASC Mag:

The camera pans across the blood-covered casualties strewn about Culloden Moor. The Jacobites fighting for a Stuart restoration to the British throne were defeated by government troops in less than an hour on this vicious day: April 16, 1746. A thick fog rolls into the tragic scene. The camera pulls back into a wide shot, revealing the Redcoats searching through the bodies, killing off any traitorous survivors with a stab to the heart from their bayonets. The camera zooms in, searching for and finding Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) lying beneath the lifeless body of his mortal enemy, Capt. Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall (Tobias Menzies). As Jamie clings to life, his memory is flooded with images of the ill-fated battle, and through a series of flashbacks, he replays how events unfolded after he sent his wife, Claire Randall Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), and their unborn child back to the future through the ancient stone circle at Craigh na Dun.

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Thus, the revelation of what really happened during the Battle of Culloden kicks off Season 3 — also referred to as “Book 3” — of the television drama Outlander, which is based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon.

As time is a flexible element in the Outlander universe, the outcome of the battle was made known back in the pilot episode, with Claire — a former British World War II combat nurse — traveling with her historian husband, Frank Randall, (also portrayed by Menzies) to Scotland in 1945 for a second honeymoon after being separated for years by the war. They tour the ruins in and around the city of Inverness, including the Culloden battlefield, and revisit the battle’s tragic narrative — a trip that, at the time, seems simply to be an opportunity for Frank to learn a bit more about his family history.

The day after witnessing a Druid ritual at Craigh na Dun, Claire accidentally travels through one of the standing stones and plunges into the turmoil of 1743 Scotland. Forced to marry Jamie as a means to escape the clutches of Frank’s villainous ancestor, Claire finds herself falling in love with her new husband, and reveals to him her time-traveling secret as well as the true outcome of the Jacobite rebellion and the end of Highland clan culture.

Wondering if perhaps they can change the future, Jamie and Claire — accompanied by Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Duncan Lacroix) — travel to Paris in Season 2, in hopes of foiling the war efforts and saving the lives of thousands. Despite their efforts, it becomes clear that the future is set in stone. A now-pregnant Claire travels back through the stones to 1948, returning to Frank, and spends 20 years thinking that Jamie died in battle. However, on a trip to Scotland in 1968 with her daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), to attend the funeral of Reverend Wakefield (James Fleet), Claire discovers the truth: Jamie survived Culloden.

“Season 3 begins with the main battle sequence in the Outlander series, and the final encounter between the hero Jamie and the villain Captain Jack Randall,” explains cinematographer Alasdair Walker. “Director Brendan Maher and I, along with the writers, wanted to approach the battle sequence in a way that was different from what is shown on other shows, like Game of Thrones. We wanted an extensive sequence that is part dream sequence and part action sequence, so we worked it out as a series of flashbacks.”


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  1. These cameramen amaze me. Dealing with all that equipment and getting quality images. And the actors, to be so believable and having all this within inches of their face, or as Tobias found out, the back of their head.

  2. Thank you for sharing the stills – we really appreciate all the hard work these people do to give us an award winning show and storey.

  3. I agree! These BTS stills ground me in what it takes to create this epic art. Thank you for the pictures and for the work of all

    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel

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