*CASTING ANNOUNCEMENT* Ed Speleers and Maria Doyle Kennedy Join Outlander Season 4   11 comments

Welcome to the Outlander Family Ed Speleers , who will be playing the role of Stephen Bonnet and Maria Doyle Kennedy, playing Aunt Jocasta  who will be joining in Season 4


11 responses to “*CASTING ANNOUNCEMENT* Ed Speleers and Maria Doyle Kennedy Join Outlander Season 4

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  1. Maria Doyle Kennedy is beautful! But is she not a trifle young for Aunt Jocasta?


  2. Maybe not, I do t remember them saying how old she is…and if they need to age her…makeup!


  3. Ms. Kennedy is beautiful, but they are going to have to really age her. Aunt Jocasta is in her 60s in the books. She is Jamie’s aunt. The only one left alive of the sisters.


  4. Ms Kennedy looks like a good choice. I always pictured an aged Nicole Kidman as Jocasta when I was reading the books…:)


  5. Ed Speleers/Stephen Bonnett…be prepared to be hated for what you’ll do in the upcoming season! 😊…if we had to debate who is the most evil between Bonnett and Black Jack, not sure we’d be able to decide…


  6. Looking forward to the Drums of Autumn – it is quite a story! I loved Jamie and Claire in the book – the indepth conversations they had are proof of they love for each other and the willingness to share their fears and hopes with each other.


  7. Drums of Autumn also shows an even more mature Bre….and when she finally meets her father! I loved that scene!


  8. But poor Roger….he goes through a lot…it changes him, but he comes out even stronger!


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