NEW Stills from Outlander 3×05 “Freedom and Whisky”   6 comments

Here are some NEW Stills from Outlander 3×05 “Freedom and Whisky”

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6 responses to “NEW Stills from Outlander 3×05 “Freedom and Whisky”

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  1. Loved the scene where Claire walks down the alley to where Print shop is – it looks so true to the times. The crowds, the market place and of course, the muddy path. It took a lot of courage for Claire to open the door to the print shop, not knowing what she would find.

  2. Put that girl in the arms of her lover & soulmate! NOW!

  3. Loved how each step brought the Claire we have grown to care about into focus. Caitriona Balfe is magnificent. To be able to remove 20 years of sadness as she walked toward her future shows, once again, what a thoughtful wonderful actor she is.

  4. Talk about portraying LOVE – that shining face on Claire, come through the door into the print shop, says it all! Awesome work[?], Caitriona!!! Of course, beholding the “Object of Affections” can do that sort of thing. Ooaaah!

    • Yes, that is the Claire we know who loves her Jamie whole heartedly – she absolutely shone, and of course, a little hesitant at what she would find. Jamie’s face when he turned around to see her – he looked absolutely stunned and hardly able to believe his wife, his love, Claire had come back to him after 20 years, and that she was still alive. Wow!

  5. Just a further note – Both actors are amazing. Caitriona deserves an award for this one. Can hardly wait till these two carry on with their lives together – and learning about each other.

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