NEW Still Jamie and Clairefrom Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”   18 comments

Here is a NEW Still of Jamie and Claire from Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”


18 responses to “NEW Still Jamie and Clairefrom Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”

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  1. Took my breath away.

  2. Oh Mama

  3. Very nice. But it’s going to take more than that to erase the mad I feel about the hiatus.

  4. Why is she still wearing Frank’s ring ??????

  5. Annie, thank-you, I have been wondering the same thing, I suppose you’d have to be in Claire’s head to appreciate her steadfastness to Frank. Sorry, but I couldn’t do it.

    Danielle Dufault
  6. Claire loved Frank and he assured a good life for Brianna. I think most of you are too young to understand the late 40’s and 50’s. Single women with children were not treated very well. And, if we know anything about Claire, we know how loyal she is. That is why she wears her first husband’s ring.

    • I am quite the old one and there is no way I would wear a ring from a first barely happy marriage after returning to the 18th century and the love of my life.
      Maybe for Brianna until then but surely not forever ???? Let that brief memory of an interrupted war time marriage go…..

      • Maybe I missed something. But Claire wore both wedding rings, Frank’s and Jamie’s, even when she went back through the stones to Frank. In the book Voyager – she refused to take off the wedding band Jamie gave her when Frank tried to take it off her hand – so she wore both wedding bands inspite of everything. Please correct me if I am wrong. However I am loving every episode and am a devoted fan of Outlander.

  7. They are so beautiful!

  8. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. So when does Miss Claire wash out😉

  10. Rats that’s Clairol

    • Claire did a beautiful job with it. Did you notice the 2 different shades in her hair when it was done up on her head.

  11. Is Claire wearing nail polish? If so …. did they back then???

    Danielle Levasseur
    • it’s quite possible she is and just didn’t take it off before she went back. OR, it’s the lighting.

      • I think you are right – it’s the lighting – look at Jamie’s fingers, they have a similar sheen to them. The lighting and the colourization they use in photography has a lot to do with it. But it doesn’t really matter – Jamie and Claire are great anyway.

  12. Sorry but I don’t see the sheen on Jamie’s nails. I’m not disputing that Jamie and Claire are great … they are! but I’m just wondering how come or why she has nail polish on. I just thought they wanted the show to be so accurate. They are with everything else.

    Danielle Levasseur
    • We must be the most faithful of Outlander fans – we notice everything! I love the show no matter what – looking forward to the all the episodes coming along. It is quite a journey following Jamie and Claire – never a dull moment.

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