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Here is a NEW Interview with Richard Rankin from SONY

From SONY:

  • SONY: How do you think episode 4 progresses the blossoming romance between Roger and Brianna?
  • RICHARD RANKIN: It happens quite quickly after that. It’s when you see them kiss for the first time, after she shows a vulnerable side to her you don’t often see. It takes them both off guard.

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  • SONY: What can you tease about where their relationship is going this season?
  • RICHARD RANKIN: It’s a weird situation Roger finds himself caught in. His world is kind of upside down. He’s been mediating between Brianna and Claire, and the whole drama that came with that, then all of a sudden time travel is a thing and we discover that Brianna’s father is actually an 18th century Scottish warrior. He’s trying to grapple with that and also whether these things are actually physically possible. Coming from an academic background it’s all a bit like, “What is my life right now?”
  • SONY: What are your thoughts on the different dynamics in Roger and Brianna’s growing relationship compared to Jamie and Claire’s?
  • RICHARD RANKIN: It’s very contrasting. It’s different in how it came about, through completely different circumstances and completely different times 200 years apart. But they have such a temperamental, fiery relationship, the two of them, and they’re constantly locking horns. Certainly, as the story moves on, there’s a lot of that. They’re strong-minded individuals so coming together means there’s a lot of friction. It’s a bumpier ride than it is for Jamie and Claire.


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  1. Brianna is a very cautious young lady, but someone who is ready to stand up for herself.

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