Worldwide Giveaway: Win an Amazing Prize Pack That Includes A Copy of Seven Stones Signed By @Writer_DG & Outlander Inspired Jewelry!   334 comments


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The giveaway pack includes:

A copy of Seven Stones to Stand or Fall signed by Diana Gabaldon, an amber Czech glass dragonfly bronze pendant with a locket that hides standing stones, a royal blue tartan bookmark with dangling silver plated dragonfly and thistle charms and an antique silver JAMMF beaded celtic knot leather woven bracelet (the last three items were donated to us by Creations Nina who’s amazing) Thanks Nina!

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1) Follow our site on Twitter here.

2) Retweet this tweet here.

3) Like our page on Facebook here.

3) Leave a comment below

This Contest is international!

You have until Saturday, November 4th at 8:00pm ET to enter.

All comments will be numbered and the winner will be picked using

 *Only one entry per person please* 

We will number the comments. If we haven’t numbered your comment yet, don’t worry. We’ll do it as soon as we can.

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334 responses to “Worldwide Giveaway: Win an Amazing Prize Pack That Includes A Copy of Seven Stones Signed By @Writer_DG & Outlander Inspired Jewelry!

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  1. 1) I love the books and the show and I would love to win.

  2. 2) Wonderful giveaway! It would be lovely to win!

  3. 3) what a gret giveaway – Everything done !!!

  4. 4) What a great giveaway

    Miz Val (@vrb1955)
  5. 5) Great giveaway! Hope I’m lucky enough to win!

  6. 6) oh how i love the series . would love to win this, to share with family members who also love the books and show

  7. 7) I would Nina’s work. The jewelry is awesome. I was planning on purchasing the Dragonfly in Amber with the standing stone when I could adored it, but with the hubby out of work money is tight especially with Christmas right around the corner. I’ll do love your sight though!!!

  8. 8) Amazing! i really love this page

  9. 9) Fun giveaway! I’d love to win!

  10. 10) What a fantastic prize. I would love to win this.

  11. 11) Absolutely gorgeous, I’d love to win!!

  12. 12) Would love to win this! Thanks!

  13. 13) FANTASTIC!! Would love to win!!!

  14. 14) What a wonderful set of prizes

  15. 15) Big fan of the books and the show – lovely prizes! Thanks!

  16. 16) How Awesome! I’m super excited 🙂

  17. 17) I will stand TALL if I win but I will FALL if I don’t.

  18. 18) I won’t win but I am throwing my hat in the ring!

  19. 19) You guys are really great doing so much for the fandom. Cheers!

  20. 20) This is an awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the chance & love your site!! You have the best Outlander updates!!

  21. 21) Hello

    Christina OConnor
  22. 22) I have been an Outlander for the past 10 years and would love to win!

  23. 23) My niece has been in love with JAMMF since she was 14 (she’s 29 now). Would be a great Christmas present for her!

  24. 24) How wonderful to be able to have that Outlander giveaway

    Claudia Maria Augusto da Rosa
  25. 25) Have loved these books for nigh on 24 years, I have read and reread each book,my books are well loved

  26. 26) What a wonderful assortment of items.. each would be something to treasure. Good luck to everyone who is entering. Fingers crossed!

  27. 27) I would love the opportunity to read this book. I haven’t found it yet in my town.

  28. 28) Yay! its a wonderful giveaway! i love it! good luck to everyone!

  29. 29) How wonderful! Lovely prizes that would be fun to have and cherish!

  30. 30) Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  31. 31) Love the giveaways especially the bracelet! Can I purchase it somewhere if I don’t win it? Thanks!

    Jeaneath Sluggett
  32. 32) A piece of Outlander would be great to win this a dream come true

  33. 33) Such a great show and books. Outlander-online keeps us in the loop.

  34. 34) Loved the books, But the series brings it to life. amazing.

  35. 35) Thanks so much for this opportunity- it is so great.

  36. 36) Amazing giveaway. Would definitely share everything with my mom.

  37. 37) Wow! Great giveaway!

  38. 38) I was hooked from the first page of the first book way back when it first came out. I have read the books again and again. I absolutely love the TV series adaptation – more than I had hoped for! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  39. 39) Wonderful giveaway!! I would love to win but much luck to everyone!

  40. 40) I have been reading the Outlander series since 1994. This series has a permanent place on my nightstand, and have gone through 3 copies of each book because they are so worn.
    I am so pleased, excited, in awe of the show!
    Can’t wait for the print shop scene!

  41. 41) All done. These are great prizes!!

  42. 42) Love the show. Love the attention to detail!

  43. 43) Outlander is part of my life. The giveaway is wonderfully coordinated. Outlander Online has once again made something great.

  44. 44) Outlander is my obsession. I love everything about it.

  45. 45) Outlander is so amazing! Thank you Diana for the story of a lifetime. I am already a winner. Just having Outlander in my life is a win !

  46. 46) Good luck everyone. Fingers crossed!!

  47. 47) Love the world of Outlander. I have been a fan from the first book in the 90’s. and am anxious for book 9. Love the series.

    Katherine Lambert
  48. 48) I love the books, I love the shows, I love Nina’s creations!

  49. 49) I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  50. 50) Loving the books
    and the TV series – having to wait for the DVD for Series 3, though.

  51. 51) Good luck everyone!

    Jacqueline Osborne
  52. 52) Good Luck to us Al! But, I hope it is me who wins!! Loved Outlander since I read the first book!!
    Always wishing for something visual!! I am loving, loving, loving the Outlander TV Series!! I have
    NO criticism of the TV show whatsoever! <3

  53. 53) I would be so thrilled. I’m totally addicted.

  54. 54) This past episode was the best episode that I have seen from Sam Heughan! Love to see Jamie develop through him.

  55. 55) Great give away and I’d love to win!

  56. 56) Nice prizes! Good luck everyone!

  57. 57) This is a wonderful series and I’ve read all of the books! Great giveaway….I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  58. 58) Being a huge Outlander fan, it would be a privilege to win this.

  59. 59) Outlander day is the best day of the week in our household. The whole family gathers after supper, with a wee dram, and gets to live the adventure that is Jamie and Claire!

    Marci Girling-McPeak
  60. 60) My favourite books and the series lives up to it

  61. 61) Ooh yes please 👋🏻❤️

  62. 62) Awesome prize, I would be honoured to win it.

  63. 63) Love this giveaway! Great bookmark and pendant. AND the book. WONDERFUL!

  64. 64) what a wonderful gift love this group.

  65. 65) Done, Done, Done & Done….thank you for this opportunity…good luck everyone xx

  66. 66) Amazing give asway!

  67. 67) Yay I love Outlander! Fingers crossed 🙂 My twitter is @chamomiledealer

  68. 68) Good luck everyone 😜

  69. 69) Nina creates some beautiful pieces. Love this contest.

  70. 70) I love outlander since 1993, enjoyed every book. Loved to see the books being filmed in my favorite holiday country Scotland.
    Hope to be able to win a small prize as a reminder of my favorite book serie

    Barbara Jennekens
  71. 71) I love Outlander and feel I have been transported through time when i watch this marvellous show.
    I have read all the books five times and have been enchanted by them. Thank you to everyone especially Sam and Cait.

    Jennifer Georeno
  72. 72) I have been transported with this story and show. Such a marvellous masterpiece in terms of the books and show. Have read the books five times and ready to start again. What a wonderful surprise you are giving away. Thanks to everyone especially for Sam and Cait who have made this so real for us all.

    Jennifer Georeno
  73. 73) The locket is so beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. 74) an awesome gift pack for the Outlander obsessed fan 👏👏

  75. 75) Would love to win this. Big fan of the show, books a r cast.

  76. 76) Would love the package
    I’m a huge fan

  77. 77) Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  78. 78) Great giveaway! Would love to win it!

  79. 79) WOW! What an amazing opportunity and what a lovely gift that would make for any fan of Outlander (especially a November birthday girl) nudge nudge wink wink 😜

  80. 80) Thank you for bringing Outlander into my home! A rare gift!!

  81. 81) Great promo! Thank you…hope I win!

  82. 82) Everything looks fantastic! Would love to win.

    Maria Entenman (Maggie Pelman)
  83. 83) What a great giveaway. Thank your for the chance to win these wonderful prizes.

    Michaela Lichtenberger
  84. 84) I love this prize! Would love to win!

  85. 85) So excited for this giveaway! Fingers crossed! Thank you!

  86. 86) Anything Outlander is so beautiful! Love all of these!

  87. 87) The contest’s a great idea! Sassenach gu brath!

  88. 88) Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  89. 89) I would love it <3

  90. 90) I would love to have one of the books.

  91. 91) I need this in my life. Good luck everyone!!

    Jennifer Dzierzawski
  92. 92) I follow on both Twitter and Facebook, and I would love to win this giveaway! Thank you!

  93. 93) Want to win this epic prize. You want a die hard fan? You found her. Totally obsessed with Outlander , a true addict. Thanks Outlander Online for making this a world wide competition. Being from Australia not many competitions include us so thanks for the opportunity.

  94. 94) I Love Outlander..Outlander fans Rock..Good luck to all!

  95. 95) Great giveaway. Love everything.

  96. 96) Hey Online team, what a ride this show, of course the books, our fandom and all the important best supporting actors! Your online website being critical to follow and stay connected on. Fun fun fun! Thanks for the contest! Next episode is 5!!!! Yikes so excited! Enjoy The Printshop everyone! 😉

  97. 97) What an early Christmas present this would be for me!

    Nancy Garabrandt
  98. 98) Love, love, love Outlander.

  99. 99) Nice giveaway!

  100. 100) This is such a cool giveaway! Thanks for doing this.

    Beverly Sheaffer
  101. 101) Awesome giveaway!!!! Thanks!

  102. 102) Already following on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for giveaway.

  103. 103) Outlander is my obsession! Would love to win! Appreciate the giveaway!

  104. 104) Already a devout all things Outlander..Great giveaway 🙂

  105. 105) Cool prizes… I’ve been a follower for a while, so this was a no-brainer!

  106. 106) I love the show, the book and all the wonderful costumes from the period. Diana Gabaldon just wrote the most enchanting story for all of us to enjoy and |I would love the opportunity to win!!

  107. 107) What an amazing giveaway!!!!

  108. 108) That’s awesome!! Thank you for doing this!!

  109. 109) How have I missed this page?! Thanks for the opportunity to win the prize package and good luck to everyone.

  110. 110) Thanks for the opportunity Sim and Marie. I am sure they are others, but you girls I have known for many years before this page existed. Mwah !

  111. 111) What a super giveaway! Love your page

  112. 112) Super Giveaway! I love Outlander

  113. 113) All done. Great giveaway, Thank you 😊

  114. 114) I would be beyond thrilled to win these fantastic prizes! Love the series and your page!

  115. 115) What a fantastic giveaway! Outlander is definitely my favorite series on STARZ!

  116. 116) Thank you Outlander-Online for indulging my/our Outlander obsession. Good luck to all,the prizes look wonderful.

  117. 117) Woo Hoo thanks for the opportunity!

  118. 118) Cool giveaway

  119. 119) Thanks for the giveaway contest! Really enjoy following your page.

  120. 120) I would love to win this. I. Love the show and the books.

  121. 121) Such a wonderful giveaway and so very kind of you. Thank you and I am crossing my fingers to win.

  122. 122) I’m still reeling from meeting Sam in NY!! Hope I win!! Very sweet of you to do giveaway😘😊

  123. 123) I love the books, the show, and all the actors, as does my daughter. She will be 20 in November, so I REALLY WANT TO WIN!

  124. 124) Love the prizes. Hope I win,🤞🏻

  125. 125) Wow! All those amazing prizes! And international entries too. Fantastic. Good luck everyone. Have everything crossed here. 🙂

  126. 126) It would be an honour to win! I love the TV series, have reread the books, rewatched the DVDs. Enjoy reading your page.

  127. 127) What a lovely prize. Be great to win especially with Christmas around the corner. I love the TV series & have read all the books since Cross stitch/Outlander first came out 26 yrs ago. Enjoy following your pages.

  128. 128) Would love to win, especially the book, which I haven’t yet been able to afford.

  129. 129) Done! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  130. 130) Love this site, love these contests.

  131. 131) Thank you for sharing Outlander with the world by bringing the awesome story to life with the wonderful TV show. This give away is such a wonderful gift!

  132. 132) What a amazing prize!!!! 🙂

  133. 133) Please count me in for the giveaway!

  134. 134) Wow great giveaway! Worldwide! Nice!

  135. 135) Great prize! I wish everyone good luck! Also, I want to say how much I appreciate Outlander-online and the great articles, photos, and goodies from Outlander to my inbox each day! Thank you!

  136. 136) I don’t win anything but I really really love to win this as OUTLANDER is my favourite show and I love Diana Galbadon and SAM and Caitriona.

  137. 137) What a lovely giveaway. Would love to win.

  138. 138) Everything’s done! Thank you very much, it’s amazing!!!

  139. 139) Great prize pack. We could all use a little more Outlander in our lives! Thank you and fingers crossed for good luck!

  140. 140) Goodluck everyone….hope I win!

  141. 141) Love this giveaway would be amazing to win!

  142. 142) An awesome giveaway! Best of luck to everyone! 😄😎

  143. 143) Excellent

  144. 144) Wow! What a kind gift for one lucky fan, Thank you Outlander& all!

  145. 145) I really hope I get something. I absolutely love outlander ❤❤❤

  146. 146) Fabulous opportunity! Thank you!

  147. 147) I would love to win Im a massive fan x

  148. 148) What an incredible giveaway! Nina is the very best. I’ll be waiting (im)patiently by the phone. 😉

  149. 149) Love everything Outlander. How kind and generous of you to have a giveaway! Thank you.

  150. 150) Awesome prizes. Thanks for these wonderful contests.

  151. 151) Done, done and done!

  152. 152) I love Outlander so much. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  153. 153) I have completed all of the actions and would love to win!

  154. 154) inspiried my mind an my phantasie, love

  155. 155) Absolutely brilliant!!! Lovely giveaway😍

    Chloe-Ann Collins
  156. 156) Great prize 👍

  157. 157) I want to win because it’s going to be my birthday Sunday and I love Outlander especially Jamie 😍😍😍

  158. 158) Thanks for the chance. I am a big fan of Outlander and would love to have this.

  159. 159) Love both the books and the show!

    Stephanie Pusateri
  160. 160) My favourite show, love it. The silver bracelet is magnificent.

  161. 161) Nice giveaway!

  162. 162) That jewellery is stunning and a signed book… Wow! I’m rereading the series again from Cross Stitch right now.

  163. 163) Have been following Claire and Jaime for over 2 decades. This would truly mean the world to me. I have turned many, many people onto this series, including my mother.

  164. 214) What an awesome gift!

  165. 164) What a lovely giveaway to the lucky person who wins. Best of luck everyone!

  166. 165) Great giveaway 😊😊😊 wonderful creations Nina!!!

    Kristen McTeague
  167. 166) What a great giveaway, love anything Outlander would love to win this !!!!!

  168. 167) Awesome giveaway! Thanks.

    Teraina Blankenship
  169. 168) Would love to win!!!

  170. 169) Amazing giveaway!! Would love to win 😊

  171. 170) I would love to win of course . I would gladly share my gifts with another less fortunate member .

  172. 171) Fingers crossed:)

  173. 172) 🤞

  174. 173) Ooh yes please! 🙂

  175. 174) What a prize!!

  176. 175) Lovely that’s it’s an international prize.

  177. 176) ❤️This hope I win!!! I went to Scotland and loved it.

    Sherrell McIlwaine
  178. 177) I absolutely love everything Outlander! I would dearly love to own something other than the Audiobooks and 1 Tshirt. LOL

  179. 178) Lovely giveaway! I wish everyone luck!

  180. 179) This series is amazing. I love the books and the show.

  181. 180) I would love this package as I am a huge Outlander fan. I have never won anything, this would be amazing!

  182. 181) I would absolutely love this! I am a huge fan!

  183. 182) I love Outlander and would love these items considering I’ll be studying abroad in Edinburgh spring 2018 🤗

  184. 183) Thank you for the great giveaway. My birthday is Nov 1st so I wish myself good luck!

  185. 184) Thanks for the chance to win these great prizes!

  186. 185) Thanks for all you to!

  187. 186) The standing stones locket is beautiful! Thank you for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

  188. 187) Love the books. Love the show.

  189. 188) Good luck to all but especially to me lol. Miss you Tobias.

  190. 189) What a lovely prize this would be!!! 🙂

  191. 190) I would be ELATED to win this! Obsessed with Outlander!!

  192. 191) Beautiful prizes! Thank you

  193. 192) It would be wonderful to win!!

  194. 193) What a nice giveaway! Good luck, all.

  195. 194) Good luck to all

  196. 195) Such a fan! Would love to win this!

    Carol Kopaczewski
  197. 196) I love the books and the series. The jewellery is beautiful and I would love to own it. Can’t wait to watch the rest of season 3

  198. 197) Thank you so much for these wonderful give aways. I love Nina’s work!

  199. 198) Outlander – Tulach ard!

  200. 199) Love the books and loving the show, would be an awesome gift if i win

    Maria teresa marban
  201. 200) That gift set would be amazing

  202. 201) What an amazing prize! And love love love that it is international!! Fingers crossed from Australia 😆

  203. 202) Love these books ! Such a great prize.l

  204. 203) If I was lucky enough to win, I would share with my Mom who is a huge fan of Outlander!

  205. 204) Thank you for this opportunity & making this competition worldwide!!!!

  206. 205) Awesome giveaway! I would love to win this prize 🙂

  207. 206) Brilliant that this is an international give away considering Outlander is loved by an international audience. 🇦🇺

  208. 207) Wonderful GIVEAWAY!

    Christine Howell
  209. 208) I am very much excited and hoping to win! I loooove Outlander! Good luck to everyone

  210. 209) Lovely giveaway. Good luck everyone. Outlamder fans are the best!

  211. 210) Fantastico!! Non vedevo l’ora✨ Italy needs one of these wonders ✨✨

  212. 211) Fun! Good luck to the winner.

  213. 212) Being an Outlander fan of the books and Starz show who wouldn’t love a great giveaway like this, Fran Kalinsky!!!!

  214. 213) Great giveaway, good luck to all

  215. 215) enterin’ enterin’ enterin’

  216. 216) I’m in!!

  217. 217) Love it ! is the best

  218. 218) I would love to win. Big fan of series and books. So exciting.

  219. 219) Love the books, the tv show and everything Outlander!!! Amazing giveaway!!! Hope I win!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  220. 220) Thanks for posting such wonderful interviews and articles!

  221. 221) Would love to enter!

  222. 223) Thank you for giving us a fabulous giveaway and a chance to win, Truly!!!

    Paula Derry Yanek
  223. 224) Love it! God bless.

  224. 225) This is a great giveaway!

  225. 226) Great giveaway

  226. 227) fingers crossed

  227. 228) Such a fabulous book series and show!

  228. 229) ~ What a wonderful gift. A true tribute to our Outlander treasure! ~ 💜

  229. 230) I would love to win! I love the series would like to start reading the books

  230. 231) Can’t wait to read the last one!

  231. 232) Fun competition. Lovely! Hope I have the luck! Outlanderstuff cant get enough off.

  232. 233) Love the series

    Peggy Shackelford
  233. 234) Blessings to you and i hope some blessings for me

  234. 235) Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!

  235. 236) Awesome giveaway!

  236. 237) Wonderful bpoks, amazing shoe! THANK YOU!

    Mama Bear 3 Cubs
  237. 238) Wonderful books, amazing show! THANK YOU!

    Mama Bear 3 Cubs
  238. 239) Great gifts! Thanks for doing this give-away!

  239. 240) I love the books and the show, season 3 is awesome, great giveaway

  240. 241) I love very much OUTLANDER and this people ! Thank you for all the moments , with her, i Forget the hard daysssss!! ❤️❤️

  241. 242) I love this page. Great pictures and news and contests! I met Sam last week at Macy’s. It was a post birthday experience. Winning this contest would be an added bonus. Thank you!

  242. 243) Love everything Outlander. Would be so good to win!

  243. 244) Lovely giveaway package!

  244. 245) Grazie per tutto il vostro lavoro.

  245. 246) Love Outlander! Cool competition.

  246. 247) Wow, amazing giveaway! Thank you for this, good luck to everyone ❤️

  247. 248) Awesome giveaway. Thank you!

  248. 249) Awesome giveaway!

    Stephanie B Merchant
  249. 250) What an amazing giveaway! I am a huge lover of Outlander. I even wear a replica Claire wedding ring on my finger! Thank you so much for the chance, I would be SO….SO….excited to win this! ♥♥♥♥ I have done all the following to enter!

    Maria A. Malaveci
  250. 251) What a wonderful collection to offer in this giveaway. I’d love to win this set!

  251. 252) I love these giveaways! Good luck

  252. 253) This giveaway looks fab! Would love to win it! 🤞🤞

  253. 254) Lovely giveaway items! Thanks very much.

  254. 255) Good luck everyone! Great contest.

  255. 256) Love Diana, love her books and love that we share January 11❤️

  256. 257) Great contest! Would love to win!

  257. 258) I would love to win this givaway. thanks!

  258. 259) Would love to win! What a giveaway!

  259. 260) amazing giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance💛

  260. 261) I won’t be original, but I say i would like to win. Not every day you can win such great giveaway

  261. 262) What a fantastic opportunity! Thank you!

  262. 263) A timeless prize pack!

  263. 264) Love this its so exciting ♥ Good luck to everyone and congrats to the winner ♥

  264. 265) This is a great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  265. 266) I am in love with all things Outlander. I would be proud to own these pieces.

  266. 267) You have no idea what this story has come to mean to me. The books and the show are so well done that I can only hope to have a piece of it!!

  267. 268) Thank you for such amazing books and the STARZ series I always look forward to

  268. 269) This is an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!! 🙂

  269. 270) Thank you so much for such a beautiful giveaway! Fingers crossed 😘 I adore both Claire and Jamie’s strength….

  270. 271) 🙂 Following ‘Outlander’ here in the Far North, it would be truly great to receive a gift this time …

  271. 272) What an absolute awesome prize to win! Even better when it could be posted to anywhere in the world; fans are spread to the ends of the earth, and everywhere in between. Fingers & toes crossed 🤞

  272. 273) Great giveaway for a great series!

  273. 274) It’s awesome that it is open internationally. I’ll be with my fingers crossed til then.

  274. 275) It would be a great awesome and most beautiful advanced christmas gift if I’ll have this prize! Would even make my year. 😁 I live in Scotland for 4 years now. And must be honest never been interested about the history of Scotland until started watching Outlander. Since then on I’ve been outlandering(see places where outlander cast has been shooting m, term givin’ by a friend. 😁)Been watching season 1-2 for God knows how many times. But now am happy that season 3 is back! Still more places to see, it’s in my bucket list. Must say though never been prouder about my husband who’s a scot, coz of this show. 😅Got my own Jamie. haha! Neway, just letting you know am a huge fan of tour show from Bonnie Scotland. ❤️

    Mariam Clyd McGregor
    • I hope you win Mariam. I love your comment and you are so fortunate to live in Scotland. I visited there many many years ago (I better stop before I give my age away), and I loved every minute of it. So, I hope you do win.

      • Am not originally from here but I must say I landed in the most beautiful place on earth. 😊 And am proud to call it my home now. You should visit Scotland again and never miss to visit Isle of Skye apart from outlandering that you might include in your plan. 😊 And thank u. 😁 And hopefully I will win. Am tellin’ you if I will win I’ll brag about it all the time. 😅😂 Takecare for now Rhona 😊❤️

        Mariam Clyd McGregor
  275. 276) Lovely give away! I would looove to win!!!

    • I hope we all find out who actually wins the beautiful “give away”. Everything Scottish is very precious.

  276. 277) Would make a great early birthday gift

  277. 278) Love the bookmark with dragonfly.

  278. 279) I LOVE IT! Great giveaway guys, as always! It’s my birthday next week, I would love to win this so much! ♥ I’m a huge Outlander fan! Thank you! =)

  279. 280) OK,I am hooked. I read, and watch Outlander. This is a great giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to own these beauties.

  280. I hope they do a follow-up book to “The making of Outlander” – that would be so cool. Hope someone from all the names above – win the giveaways.

  281. 281) This is a fantastic Outlander giveaway! Thank you so much!!

  282. 282) Awesome contest!

  283. 283) Absolutely brilliant! Would be nice to win!

  284. 284) Love Outlander. Would love to win.

  285. 285) Thanks, again, for all you do…👏🏼❤️🍀🥃🙋🏻

  286. 286) Thank you for that awsome contest! Good luck everyone 🙂

  287. 287) Would be great to win. I have lots of the mugs, I bought the scarf pin that Murtagh asked Jamie too see, belonged to Jamie mother, Its great looking. I love all things Outlander. And would love to win the stones or anything Outlander . good luck to all. Cheers

  288. 288) just a newbie from june this year and totally hooked <3 <3 anything todo with outlander

  289. 289) Fantastic reading brought to life. Talented author and actors. Have been a fan for years. Thanks for this opportunity.

  290. 290) I’m late to the Outlander fan club but am no less fiercely passionate about the show & its stars! Look forward to reading the series. *swoon*

    • I am a devoted fan of Outlander. It is the best show to come on screen – the stars are amazingly talented and fascinating to watch. However, do read the books, Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager and Drums of Autumn – you will want to read and reread them. Diana Gabaldon, the writer, gave us all a treasure to cherish – an amazing author, well deserving all the awards given her.

  291. 291) Fantastic books, fantastic giveaway.

  292. 292) What a fabulous giveaway! I am so excited it is international! I’ve done everything, now I wait!

  293. 293) Thanks for the opportunity!!!!!!!

  294. 294) Amazing giveaway… I wish I could have a chance 🙂 Thank you!

    Silvia Salvador Galán
  295. 295) amazing giveaway = thanks

  296. 296) Amazing giveaway. I will be crossing my fingers that I win this one. 😀

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    • 322) Thank You Diana Galbadon for sharing your gift of story telling. I have enjoyed many hours of reading. I also am proud and pleased with the book adaptation to screen. They are amazing and talented actors and actresses, producers, writers etc. Thank you all!

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