NEW Trailer for Outlander 3×05 “Freedom And Whisky”   7 comments

Here is the NEW Trailer for Outlander 3×05 “Freedom And Whisky”

7 responses to “NEW Trailer for Outlander 3×05 “Freedom And Whisky”

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  1. 304 was such a moving episode. Sam Heughan was excellent and all the other actors as well. The emotions and feelings the actors portrayed were exceptional.

  2. Also just finished watching episode 4. That was probably the most moving episode so far. This was definitely Sam’s best episode. He really showed a lot of emotion and strength. As I have said in previous messages, these episodes get better and better each time. My hats off to the writers and stars of the show, they have truly captured the feelings of the characters.

    • very much in agreement with your comment. Episode 4 was very sad in a way and complicated. Beautifully acted. Award winning in every aspect.

  3. Episode 5! The Print Shop scene – we are getting closer and closer – can hardly wait.

  4. Ep. 4 did it in for me, I cancelled STARZ during that song. Cant’t follow a one and only TRUE forever love story when it’s one sided. Stay in 20th century Claire, He ‘aint worth it and HE only gets worse

    • Shortdoxie-I think you’re pulling out way to soon. As I have always said “The book and TV show will never 100% match up”. It is logistically impossible to write a screenplay that matches a book, word for word. I think the “intent” of the show is to stay as close as possible, and it has done that. Rethink you choice, The episodes after 4 and 5 were great.

      • Absolutely! It is too bad Shortdoxie cancelled at all. Season 3 just bloomed brilliantly. The book “Voyager” was packed with Claire’s decision to go back through the stones. Jamie’s and Claire’s struggles to deal with life without each other, the famous Reunion of Jamie and Claire, discovering the realities of their lives, going to find Young Ian, all the dangers aboard ship and going after Geillis and experiencing the weirdness of life in Jamaica of that era. As in the book Jamie was always still 100% in love with Claire – just try to fit all that in a TV show over 13 episodes – it is logistically impossible (as you said). Season 3 – Voyager was brilliant, the actors, supporting actors and creators gave us a Treasure to keep. And, now, I am in withdrawal till Season 4 comes to the screen in the fall of 2018.

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