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Here is a NEW Interview with The Cast of Outlander with The Hollywood Reporter

From THR:

Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) are so close and yet so far from reuniting on Starz’s Outlander.

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During Sunday’s episode Claire, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) — in Scotland in 1968 — finally found what they were looking for: evidence that Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden. They tracked his whereabouts to Ardsmuir Prison but without any additional evidence of where Jamie went after it closed, Claire and Brianna were forced to give up their search for the Highlander and return to the states.

That goodbye was even more difficult for Bree and Roger, who had just begun to grow closer during the tumultuous time in their lives. But as the hunt for Jamie dried up, so did any chance of continuing to see where their relationship would lead.

Meanwhile, back in his own time — unbeknownst to Claire, Bree and Roger — Jamie found a new life for himself after Ardsmuir Prison was shuttered. He was working as a groom at the Dunsany Manor, earning money to send to his family in Scotland. All seemed to be (finally) working out for him until the eldest Dunsany daughter, Geneva (Hannah James), took an interest in him. Betrothed to marry an older Earl, she was determined to first have Jamie take her virginity. Using information about his real identity and family, she blackmailed him into sleeping with her — and (unfortunately) got pregnant. Geneva died in childbirth, but gave birth to a boy, William.

However, the Earl was enraged after she died — apparently they never slept together and he knew the child wasn’t his. Jamie winds up killing the Earl after he attempted to kill his son. The Dunsany family in turn gives Jamie his freedom, but he opts to stay and continue to earn money for his family. The only issue was that Willie began to resemble Jamie too much as he got older and, in a bid to ensure his son has a good life and inherits the Earl’s wealth, Jamie leaves for home. John Grey (David Berry) promised Jamie that he would continue to care for his son. 

The emotional episode ends on a powerful note, as a cover of Bob Dylan’s “A Hards Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” plays over Jamie and Claire saying goodbye to someone they love. Jamie said his farewell to Willie, the only child he’d ever known, while Claire says hers to the hope of ever finding Jamie again.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with executive producer Maril Davis and stars Balfe, Skelton and Rankin to break down that sad ending, as well as where Outlander goes from here.



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  1. Yes – but the Print Shop scene episode is getting closer and closer – and Jamie and Claire will be together again and discovering even though they have been through a lot in 20 years, the love, understanding and passion they share never left them. Their journey in discovering the changes is very interesting.

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