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Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from Mashable

From Mashable:

Season 3 of Outlander isn’t just a story about Claire and Jamie finding their way back together — in many ways, it’s also a story of parenthood, and the sacrifices that all of our characters make for the people they love. 

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While Claire is able to raise Brianna in the safety of Boston, Jamie’s journey of fatherhood has been much more painful; he couldn’t be with Claire after she lost their first baby, Faith, and he sent her back through the Standing Stones with the expectation that he would never meet their second child.

In episode 4, aptly titled “Of Lost Things,” he finally gets his first real taste of being a father — although sadly his son doesn’t realize it. 

While Claire, Brianna and Roger continue their investigation into whether Jamie survived Culloden (and Brianna and Roger grow inevitably closer) in the future, we rejoin Jamie after Lord John Grey has given him parole at the Dunsanys’ estate, Helwater. In his new surroundings, Jamie finally finds a sense of “hope,” according to Sam Heughan. 

 “It’s a small life and he hasn’t got an awful lot, but at least he has this world of horses and peace,” Heughan says, “until the lady of the house messes it up.”

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  1. Looking towards the scenes with Jamie and CLaire together again, – never a dull moment with those two.

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