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Here is a NEW Interview with Hannah James with Yahoo Entertainment

From Yahoo Entertainment:

The grand romance between Jamie and Claire Fraser may represent the beating heart of Outlander, but the red-hot couple had other between-the-sheet experiences during their enforced 20-year separation. Case in point: in Season 3’s fourth episode, “Of Lost Things,” Jamie has a brief, but significant encounter with Geneva Dunsany, the headstrong 18-year-old daughter of Lord and Lady Dunsany, who own the Helwater estate where Jamie lives and works in lieu of being exiled to the colonies. Promised to the elderly Lord Ellesmere, Geneva decides she’d much rather have Jamie as her first bedmate, and settles on blackmail as a “seduction” technique.

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It goes without saying that Geneva’s actions don’t exactly endear her to Jamie, not to mention Outlander fans. But their one night together does result in the birth of Jamie’s first and only biological son, William, who continues to be a presence in Diana Gabaldon’s novels. Unfortunately, Geneva’s lifespan doesn’t last beyond this hour. By the episode’s halfway point, she dies in childbirth and is pushing up the daisies. That’s sad news for Hannah James, a self-professed Outlander fan who landed the one-shot role of Geneva. Funnily enough, James reveals to Yahoo Entertainment that she was previously in the mix of actresses under consideration to play Jamie and Claire’s daughter, Brianna, a role that ultimately went to Sophie Skelton. Instead, she went from their baby to Jamie’s baby mama.

“The baby mama!” James exclaims with a laugh. “I’m sure fans will jump all over that.” Read on for James’s account of having Sam Heughan as her partner for her first-ever sex scene, and why she’s ready to be the character that everyone despises.

Geneva occupies a controversial place in Outlander fandom. Were you aware of what you were getting into when you accepted the part?
I was, actually. I’ve read the books and watched the series, so I was really familiar with the world of Outlander. One of the first things that Maril [Davis, one of Outlander‘s executive producers] said to me was, “You’re going to be a fan favorite!” And I said, “I don’t know about that — I think I’m going to be someone everyone despises.” [Laughs] It’s been interesting; I’ve seen some comments from people on Twitter expressing a mix of feelings. Someone wrote that they were going to be so angry when they saw me on set. I thought, “Are you going to be angry, or are you going to be envious? I think it’s the latter!”

On a broad spectrum people refer to Geneva as this selfish, spoiled, and manipulative girl. I understand where they’re coming from, but as the actor [playing her] I also had to come at it from Geneva’s perspective, and obviously she wouldn’t say those things about herself. I think she’s very misunderstood and grappling with a lot of difficulties that people don’t give her credit for. They are obviously focused on the characters they love and they absolutely should. Who isn’t in love with Claire and Jamie’s storyline?



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  1. Hannah James was brilliant as Geneva. Very well acted.

  2. I agree. Hannah James gave a very good performance as Geneva.

    Danielle Levasseur

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