NEW Interview with Hannah James and Caitriona Balfe from Marie Claire   2 comments

Here is a NEW Interview with Hannah James and Caitriona Balfe from Marie Claire

From Marie Claire:

Last night, Outlander tackled one of the most controversial moments from the books on which it’s based: Jamie’s sex scene with Geneva. In Diana Gabaldon’s novels, consent during this scene is murky at best and rape at worst. For one thing, Geneva manipulates Jamie into taking her virginity by threatening his family. But more to the point, she yells out “stop it” and “take it out” during the sex scene itself.

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The Outlander book series was written in the ’90s, and it’s impossible to expect contemporary audiences to see on-screen Jamie committing this act and still regard him as a hero. So, how did Outlander navigate the controversial scene? By turning it on its head, and giving Geneva full agency. In other words, they did the right thing. Yes, Geneva manipulates Jamie into having sex with her—but the sex scene itself involves mutual asking of permission (“May I touch you?”), and Geneva taking control of her own body (“I’m doing this for myself”). She isn’t a victim and Jamie isn’t taking advantage of her—instead, they’re a couple having consenting sex. More importantly, Geneva is a woman enjoying her first sexual experience.

“I really appreciate that they changed it for TV,” actress Hanna James—who plays Geneva— tells “They do follow the books very closely on the TV show, but you have to look at them as two different entities. Toni Graphia, who wrote our episode, handled it beautifully—she had to walk that road very carefully. I knew this would be a thing that came up, and Sam [Heughan] and I had texted back and forth about it a few times.”


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  1. Sam Heughan is exceptional in 304. The show handled his relationship with William so well I was heartbroken. This is the OL I know and love. It’s back, truly.

  2. This episode was very complicated with black mail, and manipulation. I read the book “Voyager'” and this episode stuck to the book very well. When Jamie spends the last few moments with his son – it was heartbreaking. Beautifully played by Sam Heughan.

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