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Here is a NEW Interview with Tobias Menzies from Harper’s BAZAAR

From Harper’s BAZAAR:

After a time jump to the future in last season’s finale, Outlander viewers knew they’d have to deal with Frank Randall’s death at some point in Season 3. As Claire’s first husband, Frank, played by Tobias Menzies, is a divisive character simply because he is not Jamie Fraser. Yet the circumstances surrounding Frank’s death make it impossible not to sympathize with him—even for diehard fans of Jamie and Claire’s relationship. After his wife returned following a three-year disappearance pregnant with another man’s child, Frank chose to remain married to Claire and raise her daughter as his own. The ensuing 20-year breakdown of their marriage comprised a three-episode arc this season, and in that short period, managed to provide a realistic portrait of two good, flawed people trying and failing to save a broken relationship. As Menzies himself puts it, “there are no winners, really,” a point tragically emphasized when Frank dies in a car accident hours after asking Claire for a divorce.

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Amidst the emotional wreckage of Frank’s death, it’s easy to momentarily forget Menzies’ other character on Outlander also died earlier this season. For the 18th-century storyline, Menzies played Frank’s depraved ancestor Black Jack Randall, who died after a final showdown with Jamie at Culloden in the Season 3 premiere. Despite living centuries apart, both Frank and Black Jack complicated—and often came between—Jamie and Claire’s relationship, providing antagonism both barbaric (Black Jack) and, more abstractly, manifested through Claire’s guilt (Frank). Though both characters’ storylines have come to an end, Menzies’ dynamism will be sorely missed. But as the actor points out, “with a show that can travel anywhere in time, you never know” whether Frank and Black Jack could return. Below, the actor opens up about bringing Claire and Frank’s marriage turmoil to the screen, finding the similarities between Frank and Black Jack, and where you’ll see him onscreen next.

Frank has been a peripheral character for so long. What are the challenges of jumping into his day-to-day life, especially after playing so much of Black Jack Randall for so long?

“The challenge is the stuff they’re trying to work out—what’s the realism of it? He has some quite extraordinary events that contributed to the situation, the supposed time travel and all that stuff. The main job with the Frank and Claire stuff is to make the marriage feel fleshed out and understandable. Hopefully when you’re watching, people can really feel the layers of that relationship and see those things pay off, and see disappointments and compromises build up and try to get the truth of what that is. It’s antagonistic and there’s lots of sadness and softness, as well.”

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  1. Tobias Menzies performed outstandingly in both roles. I hated Black Jack and loved Frank. That’s what good acting is. I hope I see Tobias Menzies soon in other movies. Loved him.

    Danielle Levasseur
  2. Only Tobias Menzies could have given his dual role – Black Jack/Frank Randall, the complexity and internal struggles that these 2 personalities struggled with, the darkness and power that they had. I do hope we get see Tobias in many more movies.

  3. Tobias Menzies did a fantastic job with his dual role. His departure from the story was critical in order for Claire to move on. And as thing move on Tobias is also. I have seen where he is active in several other series “The Terror” and “Catastrophe” all really good series. There will be a time when “Outlander” will also end, and we will all be sad, but, the good news will be, that our favorites stars will continue on, good troopers.

  4. If fans of Mr. Menzies’ work have not watched his film “Forget Me Not”, you haven’t seen the full range of his talent. He is the male lead who can convey more in facial and physical movements than he does in words, as phenomenal as his voice may be. Hopefully we will see much more of him in non-SciFi roles also-he has so much more to offer!

  5. I do miss Tobias Menzies – it was sad to have him gone – his role as Frank Randall/Cpt. Jack Randall was so brilliantly done. Tobias Menzies is so brilliant and mesmerizing in his acting – I would love to see more of his performances. He is one actor you would never forget.

  6. Just another note – I loved his interview, thank you for sharing it with us. Tobias Menzies is a very intelligent and amazing actor. After reading the interview I realized that he had such an in-depth understanding of each of his roles in Outlander, and the complexity of the 2 different personalities – Jack Randall and Frank Randall. and the sadness and complexity of his marriage with Claire.

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