NEW Clip from Outlander 3×04 “Of Lost Things”   4 comments

Here is a NEW Clip from Outlander 3×04 “Of Lost Things”

4 responses to “NEW Clip from Outlander 3×04 “Of Lost Things”

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  1. Jamie definitely is not enjoying his new position. I love the reserve he has – he seems to get into predicaments that certainly calls for a lot of resourcefulness to get himself out of tough corners and to get away from being used.

  2. Bad casting! No way can she pass for a 17yr. old! Jamie looks like he’s lusting for her already, he’s smart enough he could have found a way out
    IF he wanted. 17yr. old girl (child) 35yr. old man is totally DISGUSTING. This and MANY other things he does/ says now and later (with CLAIRE) the reason I cancelled STARZ and won’t watch. No good following a ONE SIDED TRUE LOVE story! Right Jamie? Who s Claire? Love The One You’re With!!

  3. Rhonda-taking this a bit too personal huh? Something about the 17yr old and the 35 year old hit home??

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