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From Vanity Fair

For three years now, a pair of Randall men played by Tobias Menzieshave both menaced Outlander heroes Claire and Jamie Fraser (in the past) and served as a point of hope and steadfast love (in the present). It’s been a complicated dual role for Menzies—but, having hung up Black Jack Randall’s wig in the Season 3 premiere and Frank Randall’s fedora by Episode 3, the actor’s tenure on the series is now officially over. What does the show even look like without Frank and Black Jack driving a wedge between the Frasers?

In the behind-the-scenes video above, Menzies comes to terms with his departure from the show. “It’s mixed emotions,” he says with the same heavy sigh most actors give when they leave a show. “I will miss everyone greatly.”

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  1. What can you say when one or more characters from a story are no longer there. It really creates a void on how are they going to fill such a important character. But with that said, most stories do survive. New characters are introduced and the story continues on, just like life. So I will miss Menzies, along with Angus and Rufus, and even Dougal. All had great presence in the story.

  2. Bravo to Tobias on playing 2 totally oppoaite characters. I have no doubt we will be seeing him on the BIG screen in future films. I wish him much success!

  3. Tobias is a superb actor.

  4. I will miss Tobias Menzies a lot – his was a complex role and a difficult one. He did it so beautifully – he had the in depth understanding of both Black Jack and Frank Randal. His relationship with Jamie was a very horrible dark one – one which he couldn’t let go. If anyone has read the books Voyager and Drums of Autumn – Black Jack/Frank Randall (even after death) still had that gripping influence over Jamie, Claire and Brianna.

  5. OH gosh I’ll really miss Tobias Menzies. Such a great actor. He performed the 2 characters to perfection. I can’t wait to watch him in future movies.

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