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Here is a NEW Interview with Tobias Menzies from Town And Country

From T&C:

Actor Tobias Menzies isn’t one to shy away from a complicated character. Over the past two seasons of Outlander, he’s masterfully portrayed not only the sadistic Black Jack Randall, but also his distant relative Frank Randall, the long-suffering husband Claire left behind when she journeyed through the stones to the 18th century.

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But in season three of the popular time-traveling series, both of his characters meet their fate. Below, he talks with about his two shocking death scenes, interactions with the show’s passionate fanbase, and whether there’s a chance we’ll see Frank again.

Diana Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander book series, once wrote that Frank “is the major tragic figure of the books.” Do you agree?

I hadn’t seen that. I think you could make a strong case for him being a major tragic figure within the story, yes. But when you’re playing him, I think you have to approach it in a slightly different way, less from the kind of dramaturgical, structural position, and a little more from the inside.

I think we were all keen to flesh him out as much as possible. There’s always that triangle between Claire, Jamie, and Frank, which we wanted to make rich and complicated, so those choices Claire has to make along the way are between two very different men but two very legitimate options.

The marriage that we find in the beginning of the story between Frank and Claire is a very different kind of love than obviously she finds with Jamie, but no less rich.

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