NEW Interview with Matt Roberts and Tobias Menzies from Entertainment Weekly   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview with Matt Roberts and Tobias Menzies from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

There have been no shortage of tragedies in the two and half seasons of Outlander, but Sunday’s gut-puncher was definitely among the more painful: a major character dies in Ronald D. Moore’s epic tale of love and (why must it be so?) loss.

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The pitiable marriage between Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Frank (Tobias Menzies) came to an abrupt end when his car crashed after a solo drive — a reckless one, no doubt, after he and his wife argued over his wanting to take Brianna (Sophie Skelton) to England. For readers of Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling books, the death was certainly expected. But viewers not schooled on the Gabaldon narrative will likely mourn Frank’s passing, especially given how sympathetic he was depicted in the last two episodes. Frank could never compete with a memory, and his suffering was palpable.

But in an interview well after his final day on the set of Outlander, Menzies wasn’t so sad about how he died twice in the course of three episodes. (His alter-ego, Black Jack Randall, was stabbed to death by Jamie in the premiere episode.)

“I’ve entirely moved on,” he quips to EW. “I’ve forgotten them all. I’ve deleted their numbers from my phone. I’ve put a block on their emails. Yup, it’s over.”

Maybe, maybe not! When asked if Frank and Black Jack Randall would ever return to the saga, executive producer Matthew B. Roberts was delightfully circumspect.

Read the rest of the interview here


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  1. This episode of Claire’s and Frank’s relationship exploding was so sad and heart wrenching. It was due to happen – but the looks on their faces as they opened up to the realization that the facade was shattered beyond repair. So sad to have Tobias’s role finished – but Frank never does really die off in a way,his influence over Claire, Jamie and Brianna carries on way into ‘Drums of Autumn” so in a way – Frank is always there.


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