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Here is a NEW Interview with David Berry from Entertainment Weekly

Season 3
Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser), David Berry (Lord John William Grey

From EW:

It seems Frank Randall isn’t the only one suffering from the effects of unrequited love. Before we go on, a SPOILER ALERT! Do not read on until you’ve watched Sunday’s episode of Outlander.

In the latest episode of the Starz drama, fans were given a full introduction to Major John William Grey (David Berry), the governor of Ardsmuir Prison who was first introduced as a teenager in season 2. Grey’s feelings about Jamie (Sam Heughan) become clear rather quickly during one heartbreaking exchange in his prison quarters.

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“I lost a particular friend at Culloden,” he says to Jamie, mournfully. “He was the reason I joined the army. He inspired me.”

Glassy-eyed, embarrassed you see, said I would overcome it.”

And that’s when he touches Jamie.

Speaking to EW in Los Angeles recently, Heughan discussed his character’s reaction to his British captor.

“There’s a period where they learn to gain each other’s trust and they become companions in this place that is very barren. There’s nothing else really to do there,” Heughan said. “They find there’s an intellectual appreciation of each other’s company, and they form this friendship. But then Grey makes his emotions or his intentions known. Jamie feels that not only is it dangerous for him, but sad. He feels just so many different things for John Grey in that moment.”

And how does Grey feel in return? We asked Berry about his character’s first impressions of Jamie, and what to expect of their relationship in the coming episodes.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In your opinion, what is Lord Grey’s first opinion on Jamie?

DAVID BERRY: “We first see Lord Grey as he is introduced to Jamie/McDugh in the prison grounds. Lord Grey is immediately reminded of the encounter he had with him as a boy many years before. He is both fascinated by and fearful of Jamie. Lord Grey sees Jamie as a fearsome adversary and someone that could potentially undermine his authority as the head of Ardsmuir prison.”

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  1. I love David Berry in that role. He’s a very talented actor. You can read all his emotions in his eyes. What an outstanding performance.

  2. two very powerful and intelligent characters thrown together – should be interesting.

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