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Here is a NEW Interview with Romann Berrux from PopSugar

From PopSugar:

On the latest episode of Outlander, things take a tragic turn for Fergus, played as a young man by Romann Berrux, when he encounters some Redcoats while trying to visit Jamie. Read on for details, including what Berrux thought of this episode — but be warned of light spoilers from the books.

In “Surrender,” Fergus shoots a crow, which brings a Redcoat search down on Lallybroch because firearms are forbidden for Highlanders after the defeat of the Scottish army at Culloden. The Redcoats are put off by Jenny, but they’re highly suspicious of the Murray household and follow Fergus the next time he sneaks off to see Jamie in the cave where he’s hiding.

When Fergus confronts them in the forest, one hot-headed Redcoat officer snaps and amputates Fergus’s hand. Jamie can only watch in horror, fearful of intervening because it will give him away to the British.

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In the books, that’s more or less the way it goes down, but there are slight differences. In Voyager, Fergus is bringing Jamie a jug of ale, which the Redcoats want. When Fergus won’t give it to them — and actually taunts them by “waggl[ing] his rump” at them — there’s a scuffle and he loses his hand.

Either way, Fergus is now without one of his hands, which he replaces with a hook. The injury is not fatal, and in fact, the show announced almost a year ago who will be playing grown-up Fergus: Cesar Domboy.

So, in a short while on Outlander, it will be time to bid adieu to Berrux as the adorable young Fergus. But at least he went out with a bang. He told us on an Outlander set visit last October that shooting this episode was so exciting for him.

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  1. He was such a feisty person – yet so innocent. Will miss him a lot.

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