New teaser video of Outlander season 3   4 comments

Here’s a new teaser video for tonights episode 


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4 responses to “New teaser video of Outlander season 3

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  1. A scalpel? That’s it? I was disappointed with Season 3 episode 1 after the long wait it left a lot to be desired 🤗


    • Elfhaven13 – I guess you and I watched a different rendition of the first episode, for I thought it was fraught. There was the conclusion of the Jamie/Black Jack story (did anyone else come to the conclusion that BJ loved Jamie in his strange twisted way?), Rupert’s sad demise, Clare’s wild, unexpressed grief. I’m not a crier but this episode brought me to it more than once. Over all I thought it was beautifully done; and there are twelve more to go.
      But enough said, everyone has their own view but maybe if you viewed it again you would see something different, better. BTW – the scalpel is foreshadowing, a literary devise hinting at a future event….

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      • Totally agree with reve….I thought it was a brutally accurate portrayal of the horrors of Culloden and the British retaliation afterward.


        Kimberly Robertson
      • Yes, I felt the same way – in that even in death Black Jace couldn’t really let go of Jamie (as you said “in his strange twisted way”). I cried over and over in Episode 1. Rupert, a fighter right to the end, trying to put in a good word for the two young lads trying to spare their lives. That was so sad and unforgettable. Episode 1 was beautifully done.


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