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Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from Mashable

From Mashable:

If the Outlander Season 3 premiere focused on the isolation that Claire and Jamie felt following their separation, episode 2 reminds us of the connections that keep them tethered to their new lives — albeit reluctantly, in Jamie’s case.

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After returning to Lallybroch in the final minutes of episode 301, we find Jamie eking out a solitary existence in a cave somewhere in the woods on the estate, hiding out from the English soldiers who continue to patrol the area and who seem to spend an inordinate amount of time harassing Jenny and Ian for their suspected Jacobite sympathies. Jamie returns periodically to deliver game he’s caught and check in on his sister, and he’s often visited by Fergus, but he’s clearly no longer the warrior he once was, refusing to teach his young protege how to shoot to try and protect him from the wrath of the English.

“He can’t be Jamie Fraser and also doesn’t want to be, because he’s lost everything that he wants and has lived for,” Sam Heughan tells Mashable. “It’s probably the most shut down we see him. He’s really a shadow of a man.”

Then three pivotal things happen that bring everything into perspective for our tortured hero; Ian is arrested, leaving Jenny struggling to run the household and the estate alone, especially with tenants who are falling into hard times under the yoke of the English; she gives birth to another son, Young Ian, under the most stressful circumstances imaginable; and Fergus loses his hand after goading the English soldiers. (All of which is STRESSFUL AF.)

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  1. To see these people struggling with their loss, 2 different centuries, and different expectations of them. Wow! would make anyone want to run and hide.

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