NEW Claire and Frank Scene from Outlander 3×02 “Surrender”   4 comments

Here is a NEW Claire and Frank Scene from Outlander 3×02 “Surrender”

4 responses to “NEW Claire and Frank Scene from Outlander 3×02 “Surrender”

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  1. Have you seen the stuffed bunny in Bree’s playard ? Maybe a wink to the rabbit Jamie saw during the night in the battlefield ? A guardian angel for his baby ? I love the background music too !

  2. Congrats to Jon, the SET PROPS manager & assistants who foraged for that “vintage wooden playpen!” My older siblings and I were born in the early 1950’s and that square, wooden playpen w/wooden floor that was hinged (& easily pinched our fingers-OSHA would NEVER have approved it today!) was EXACTLY right for the times! Spent many an hour in it AND so did our Christmas tree every year-to keep us OUT of it, the decorations, and the presents. Well done!

    • I haven’t seen episode 2 yet – so I won’t ask questions – I love a surprise. However I also remember those wooden playpens very well. There is a lot of things that were used a lot in those years that definitely wouldn’t be approved of today – but here we are alive and doing well!.

  3. I’m always amazed how several people can look at a photo and see so many different things. The playpen was not my focus (yes, I had one too and lived!). I see a range of emotions that made my heart ache. Claire is clearly happy with Jamie’s baby but likely misses him. Frank is giving his all to a child he knows is not his and all he seeks is some affection from his wife. You can almost feel his longing for Claire when she merely rests her hand on his chest. I don’t know what the next scene brings but fear that all remains the same. Happy Claire and Love-starved Frank.

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