NEW BTS Stills from Outlander 3×01 “The Battle Joined”   5 comments

Here is a NEW BTS Still from Outlander 3×01 “The Battle Joined”

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5 responses to “NEW BTS Stills from Outlander 3×01 “The Battle Joined”

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  1. I loved Episode 1 of Season 3 – so sad, beautifully played by everyone. What a stand-off between Jamie and Black Jack – I wonder what could have been going through their minds when they came face to face – they certainly meant to finish each other off. Poor Claire – she certainly has a lot to contend with – quite a fighter.

  2. To see that style of fighting intrigues me .Not use to seeing military precision marching into battle. Knowing that the front line was going to be killed first. When Jamie and Black Jack see each other in the mist.Guerrilla warfare took over .It was kill or be killed.The intensity of both men’s acting was flawless

  3. I cried and I thought, I cried again, I thought again and … I cried again. So painful, so sad moment. But the good part, the actors, all and everyone, were magnificent. Congratulations OUTLANDER Starz and Diana Gabaldon. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    Gabriella Raducanu
    • You put it beautifully – it was so sad and the actors were amazing – no words were spoken but the emotional intensity and heartbreak was enough.

  4. I’m so affected that I forgot the essence. Sam you are so talented, you play so well and I have seen you do not need words to be the best. Keep on! Love you.

    Gabriella Raducanu

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