NEW Interview, Photoshoot and Video with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan from ELLE Magazine   1 comment

Here is a NEW INterview, Photoshoot and Video with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan from Elle Magazine

From Elle Magazine:

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe know they’ve got something special: From the complicated, passionate characters Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall they get to play on-screen, to the close friendship they’ve developed off-screen, Outlander has changed their lives. And they’re not alone: Since the Starz hit premiered in 2014, fans have been rabid for all things Outlander—Heughligans debate the merits of Sam’s man bun, shippers argue they’re a couple in real life, and dedicated social media accounts document every last detail of Jamie and Claire’s saga.

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So when Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe decided to visit the offices, I knew I needed the help of someone whose fandom went beyond my own appreciation for the show to an expert-bordering-on-obsessive level—the kind of person who would know Claire should be referred to as “Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser,” not “Claire Randall,” in the above paragraph, and be mad about the mistake. I needed a super fan, and lucky for me, I happen to be related to one of the biggest out there: Pat Holmes, my mother.

Here, an Outlander super fan (and her daughter) talk to the show’s stars about their friendship, Jamie and Claire’s evolutions, and how love can survive a 20-year separation.

Warning: This post contains mild spoilers for season three of Outlander.

I just watched the first episode of this season—it’s amazing, very emotional.

Sam: It’s very sad, actually.

Caitriona: It is very sad. All of the Culloden stuff is just so brilliant.

For the first time, you weren’t in the episodes together. So what it was like when you saw it, for you, Sam, to watch Caitriona—and Caitriona, to watch how Sam did?

C: It was great, because I think we both purposely didn’t read those parts of the script. It’s nice to be able to remove yourself from it, because normally you’re in it so much, and it’s hard to be objective and look at something from the perspective of a viewer. There was a lot of surprise, because I didn’t realize that they would shoot it that way—it’s so much darker, and Sam’s performance was so amazing. I loved it, and it was really heartbreaking. The way they edited it, going back and forth and bringing it to where Jamie doesn’t really know what’s happening, he doesn’t know whether he’s alive or dead, and interspersing that with moments that happened before and after, I thought was really beautiful.

Read the rest of the interview and watch the video here

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  1. They look so good together. Great Chemistry. Could someone tell me who “shippers” are. Just wondering.

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