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Here is a NEW Interview with Ron D. Moore from Den of Geek

From Den of Geek:

Romance is the bread-and-butter of much of commercial storytelling, from the publishing world to the ever-expanding television landscape. However, romance as a worthy narrative pursuit is not often talked about when it comes to the discussion of TV writing and craft. The subject is too often delegated to the gossip column or embarrassed conversations, as are many subjects coded “female” and therefore taken less seriously.

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The thing is: romance is incredibly hard to do well, something Den of Geek had a chance to talk about with showrunner Ronald D. Moore during a conversation at this June’s ATX Television Festival. Here’s what Moore had to say about what it takes to write a good love story and why we don’t see self-proclaimed romance as a genre more on TV.

“Romances are kind of hard to write, frankly,” said Moore, who is currently the showrunner of the romance-driven time travel drama Outlander on Starz. “It’s easy to write, ‘They look at each other, and the sparks are flying.’ So you write that a lot and then you try to write dialogue that seems to be drawing people together and finding what their flaws are, and so on, and so on.”

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