NEW Pics of Sam Heughan on LIVE With Kelly and Ryan   12 comments

Here are some NEW Pics of Sam Heughan on LIVE With Kelly and Ryan

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12 responses to “NEW Pics of Sam Heughan on LIVE With Kelly and Ryan

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  1. He looks fabulous!!

  2. Great job Sam!

  3. I am able to see only ONE picture from today’s “Live” Show 9.05.17. The other pictures I see are from years ago.

  4. He is so tall compared to Kelly and Ryan!

  5. He is truly “The King of Men”. Charming, polite, kund, caring and humble! And so very talented!!!!

  6. I love Sam. This “so called interview” on Kelly and Ryan was childish, inane and uninteresting. The show’s producers should do some real research then pose real questions that address the awesome person that he is… Bloodwise, his latest movie, Season 3. The best part of this was when Sam went back to the lady wearing the MPC 2017 shirt to hug her.

  7. I agree with Becky 100 per cent. They talked about absolutely stupid things with Sam. It was an insult to a very wonderful man, actor and humanitarian.

  8. Agree with Becky and Barbara. There is so much more to Sam than his kilt and physique.

  9. I agree that there was no real interview with Sam. If they’re going to taut Sam’s appearance as a true draw for their show, they should have been decent enough to respect him as the person and actor he is and do an actual interview with him. I hope the rest of the pre-Season 3 interviews with Sam and Cait are better!

  10. I totally agree with you, the interview with Sam was not a good one at all – he is an intelligent man – those questions?! Oh my! Really the kilt?
    The amazing part was how Sam interacted with the audience and respecting the lady that wanted to dance with him – he acknowledged her with such
    respect – also the interview was way too short for such an interesting person. Thank you Sam for being so WONDERFUL YOU!
    I look forward for September 10th

  11. That’s our Sam Heughan for you – intelligent, thoughtful, classy and an amazing actor. He deserved a better interview than this one. I love his accent – could listen to him for a long time.

  12. I too agree with everyone, the Live interview wasn’t even an interview. Kelly & Ryan were so busy with their own banter and nonsense that all Sam got in was about Season 3 starts on Sunday. I’m glad to see I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. He even opened up by talking about the comedy film he just wrapped and got nothing from those 2. I haven’t watch that show in years and know I remember why. Such a wasted interview…

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