NEW Video of Caitriona Blafe and Sam Heughan   3 comments

Here is a NEW “Welcome” Video from Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe

3 responses to “NEW Video of Caitriona Blafe and Sam Heughan

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  1. I feel like it’s Christmas come Sept 10th. Looking forward to S3 & the magic of Outlander. Congrats on your success & accomplishments of another season.

  2. With anticipation I look so much forward for Season 3 and all other Seasons to come. Learning so much in the history of Scotland and what a beautiful
    country it is. There is nothing more astonishing beautiful than the story of Outlander.
    Felicitations are in order. Thank you!

  3. Wow! Just love those two – so much personality, such awesome talent. They have such beautiful smiles. They have introduced Scotland to us all. Outlander – Season 3 Voyager is just a few days away – am doing the Happy Dance here. All the waiting will be rewarded two times over. Thanks for the Video. Got my seat on the couch reserved for Season 3 – Voyager (Outlander) on September 10th.

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