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Here is a NEW Interview with Sophie Skelton from The Independent Culture

From The Independent Culture:

Sophie Skelton had to wait a year between her audition for popular time travel series Outlander and her call back. “I just figured I hadn’t got the role.” 

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Following the template of the popular books by Diana Gabaldon, the character of Brianna was originally going to arrive on screen at the end of season 1, but a last minute rewrite postponed the arrival of the American-accented rebel for a season. Brianna is a university student in the 1960s and discovers that her mother has been lying to her about who her father is, and it’s not the man she thought it was. He is a highlander called Jamie, who her mother wants to travel back in time to see. Brianna has to overcome her state of shock and skepticism that time travel is possible. 

That delay turned out to be good news for both the Cheshire born actress, as in the intervening period she had her breakthrough role in action adventure web series Ren and took the lead in Day of the Dead: Bloodline, a remake of the George Romero classic and then made a bank heist movie, #211, with Nicolas Cage. 

Consequently, the blossoming of her character in the upcoming series of Outlander  coincides with Skelton being raved about as one of the most exciting upcoming British actresses of the moment.

In Season 3, Skelton says of her role, “You see a lot of the mother and daughter relationship develop. Her mother wants to go back in time to meet the love of her life, and you see Brianna mature into his woman who can say, ‘I love you enough that I can let you go back.’”

We meet in a café in London. The actress arrives with a newspaper folded under her arm; it’s open on the puzzles page, all of which have been completed. “I’m a geek, I mean I can’t really pretend to be cool, if I bought the puzzles with me.” But she doesn’t have to pretend, as being beguiling seems to come naturally to her.

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  1. looking forward to her role as Brianna in Season 3 – Outlander.

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