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Here is a NEW Cover Pic of Richard Rankin Photoshoot and Interview Cover of The Herald Magazine

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From The Herald:

OVER the next hour Richard Rankin will talk astrophysics, biscuits, spoof Twitter accounts, boy band aspirations, swapping IT for acting and the time Elaine C Smith saw him naked. Buckle up …

The Glasgow-born star of hit US television drama Outlander does a rapid-fire line in witty anecdotes. When we meet at the Soho Hotel in London, Rankin is in gregarious mood. There is a mischievous twinkle in his eye and it doesn’t take long for us to go roaring off-piste.

First, though, there’s his role in Outlander to chat about. Rankin plays Roger Wakefield, an Oxford professor and the adopted son of an Invernessminister, who finds himself unwittingly embroiled in a time-travelling adventure.

Based on the bestselling books of Diana Gabaldon, the show has garnered millions of fans and made its cast into household names around the world.

Outlander centres on former Second World War nurse Claire Randall who, during a second honeymoon to Scotland with her husband Frank in 1945, is transported back to 1743 through a mysterious set of standing stones. It is there, on the brink of the last Jacobite rising, she meets Highlander Jamie Fraser and a love story begins. The third series, shot largely around Scotland, will air on Amazon Prime Video?from next Monday.

Rankin joined the cast in late 2015 after almost 18 months of feverish speculation. Other names in the frame to play Roger reportedly included Downton Abbey’s Matthew Goode and former Game of Thrones stars Gethin Anthony and Richard Madden.

“Casting was thorough to say the least,” says Rankin. “It is the most thorough casting I have done on anything. They had me in time and again with different material and ideas for the character. They were very clear about what they wanted.”

From the outset Rankin, 34, was a firm favourite among many Outlander aficionados who lobbied passionately for him to get the role.

“Even from before I was cast I was one of their choices as Roger for a long time,” he says. “That was bizarre and put me in a very strange position where I thought: ‘I hope the execs on this show don’t think I have started my own campaign to be cast …'”


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  1. Looking forward to his role in Season 3.

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