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Here is a NEW Interview with Terry Dresbach from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

To prepare Caitriona Balfe for her scenes aboard the Artemis in season 3 of Outlander, costume designer Terry Dresbach found inspiration from the ensembles worn by Hepburn and Stanwyck and went to work on a white blouse, oversized belt, and skirt look.

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“When we first see Claire, she is all buttoned up and nervous about meeting Jamie for the first time after 20 years,” Dresbach tells EW. “Then we see this slow unraveling into this strong, confident, very sexy woman who is on that boat wearing a white blouse, a big big leather belt, and a billowing skirt. Cait looks amazing in that costume. It’s romantic beyond romantic.”

But when EW debuted the outfit as part of its cover story on newsstands now, some fans questioned the authenticity of one part of the ensemble. Can someone say belt-gate?  That prompted Dresbach to set the viewers straight via Twitter that it was actually something she and Jamie had worn in previous seasons so it’s quite appropriate, thank you very much.

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  1. Love the photos above. Both actors are so amazing. Caitriona looks so beautiful in all of her costumes. Jamie, well – what can I say – he looks so great in everything he wears – even when he is scruffy when living in a cave. I don’t think you will find actors as fascinating as these two are.

  2. I totally agree with you Rhona on the above remark – amazing!

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