NEW HQ Stills from Outlander Season 3   5 comments

Here are NEW HQ Stills from Outlander Season 3


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5 responses to “NEW HQ Stills from Outlander Season 3

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  1. thank you, soon very soon we will be watching.


  2. Thank you for sharing the new stills. Season 3 is getting closer and closer.


  3. I have been re-reading Voyager for the “unaccountable several times” and each time I do, I discover something I missed in previous reads/re-reads and what I do know now is that I will need a box of tissues on hand, when I see those words and scenes in film. I an so anxious to see Season3 on Voyager!


    • That is how good these Outlander books are – you want to reread them and when you do – you need to do it all over again. There is so much packed into Voyager it needs a reread. I love it. Drums of Autumn is the same — I love that one too.


      • There is no doubt about it! I am so involved with these stories! As a trained historian, too, finding different information pushes me to research for more to embellish the knowledge I already have and that I have taught on both the high school and college levels. D. Gabaldon’s works, in my opinion, have done more than just entertain and with the filming the words come alive! Thanks.


        Gloria J.R. Marrow

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