NEW Trailer for Season 3 of Outlander   6 comments

Here is a NEW Trailer for Season 3 of Outlander

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  1. Love the new trailer for Season 3 of Outlander! It just wrings the heart! Thank you so much for sharing with us all. If Season 3 is as powerful as Seasons 1 and 2 were, it will definitely be pulling in the awards, for Best Drama TV Show, Best Actor, Best Actress, etc.

  2. Season 3 will be unbelievable compared with most of season 1. But 2. No way. The “show” was beautiful, but the essence of what made S1 great was never there.

  3. never have I wanted a month to go by so fast!!

    Patricia Waters-Decker
  4. I still can’t believe this. I made plans for my son and to visit Scotland this fall. Keep in mind at the time I still thought season 3 would be aired in the spring. Guess where I’ll be on September 10th? I’ll be in Edinburgh, Scotland lol. Thank god for DVR cable boxes, however I’m considering downloading the STARZ app on my phone so I don’t have to wait till I get home to see the first 2 episodes. This trailer is beautiful.

    • can watch it here in Scotland on Amazon need to find someone who will let you watch it using their membership..if you are anywhere near St Andrews,,or Newtonmore..come watch it with me! CAn you pm me or something? My Facebook business page is simpaticavintage..we must all stick together us Outlanders!!

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