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Here is a NEW Interview with Nell Hudson from YOU Magazine

From YOU Magazine via The Daily Mail:

Nell Hudson is flattered by the ‘young Brigitte Bardot’ concept that has inspired our photo shoot; although she needn’t be – her long blonde hair, pillowy lips and killer curves definitely put you in mind of that most iconic of French actresses. ‘Who wouldn’t like that comparison?’ she laughs.

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She has just posed in a range of glamorous 1960s outfits – a far cry from the austere, ‘upstairs, downstairs’ style of her current acting role. She’s doing ‘corset time’, filming the new series of Victoria – the jewel in the crown of ITV’s autumn schedule – and her costume for Miss Skerrett, the Queen’s dresser, could not be more different from today’s. ‘I’ve been wearing the same drab, grey dress on the show for two years now, while Jenna [Coleman, who plays Victoria] has one stunning outfit after another. It’s so unfair!’ she wails. ‘Although in the last couple of episodes of the new series, I do get two new outfits, probably in slightly different shades of grey. The audience will hardly recognise me!’

That audience, of course, happens to be huge: the 2016 series was watched, on average, by more than five million, beating even its big Sunday night BBC rival Poldark. The grand, sweeping backdrops, the glossy production values, Daisy Goodwin’s compelling script and, of course, the intense love story between the young Victoria and Albert which has, by the way, spilled over into real life between the actors Jenna and Tom Hughes, have all captured the public imagination.

‘If we knew exactly what makes the show a success we’d bottle it,’ Nell says, ‘but maybe people love it because, unlike contemporary drama, where everything is out there, Victoria is all about feelings brewing just beneath the surface. There is so much chemistry and subtext, which is a lot of fun to play – and to watch.’

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  1. So she’ll know what she will look like all grown up.

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